Become an Authority in Functional Nutrition and Break Free to Have the Practice of Your Dreams!

New COT Program Structure! Course content now offered in 11 content-rich modules registered for separately or as a bundle with special savings.

Learn more about topics of your choice or complete all modules to earn your Functional Medicine Nutrition Specialist (FMNS) Certification and be recognized as a Functional Nutrition authority!

Note:  Our new course structure combines all topics from both previous courses, COT and Advanced IFMNT – all content is now in one. A separate advanced course remains only for those who took COT previously, who want to continue to complete their studies and earn their credential.

COT training now provides over 300 CPEs for RDNs – Yes, these are all live (some pre-recorded) interactive sessions! (Others should inquire with their credentialing board).

Note: FMNS credentialing requires an additional 12 CPE of Grand Rounds interactive case review. 

You can start at the beginning or join in any time!

Liberal payment plan options make our training affordable for just about all budgets!

Live webinars are also recorded offering flexibility of learning options. Day and evening course times add to the flexibility and ensure everyone has an opportunity to attend live webinars at some point during training if that is their desire.

Who Qualifies to Register?  Our program is deeply rooted in science and covers a strong component of medical nutrition therapy. As such, registration is open only to RDNs, dietetic Interns, and nutritionists with a nutrition-related 4-year degree or a 2-year master’s degree who are qualified to practice medical nutrition therapy in their state of residence. Others who qualify: medical practitioners with a minimum 4-year science-based degree, who have nutrition in their scope of practice (MD, DO, DC, PharmD, RN, ND, Nurse Practitioners, DDS, etc) – this may depend on state statutes. Note: Dietetic Interns may apply but must have completed their internship and have become RDN credentialed before they will be qualified to sit for the FMNS certification exam at the completion of this training.

* Full course Certification program prerequisite: Introduction to IFMNT 6-session series (or opt-out exam) – contact us for more info.

Learn More About Our Certificate of Training (COT) in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT)

To practice most responsibly and with the highest level of confidence, you’ll need the deepest coverage of core IFMNT topics. Join pioneer and leading expert, Susan Allen–Evenson, RDN, CCN, FMNS, and several noted guest expert presenters for the most comprehensive IFMNT training that exists today!

This training is different! Since our courses are held mostly as live and interactive webinars, our content is consistently updated and expanded. Research is continually reviewed and that means our training is at the highest level of evidence-based, cutting-edge, and hot off the press learning that can be obtained! Live training also offers the benefit of on-the-spot interaction for Q &A and continual clarification of learning as content is delivered and most applicable. Live training is also more engaging, which helps keep students motivated and on track, especially challenging in longer training programs! Even if you only take the course as a recorded series, you get the benefit of the live interaction from the live session recordings and you can always ask additional questions in the private class forum. Whatever format you choose for learning with our program, we’re here to ensure your success!

You won’t get lost in the crowd here! Class size is kept smaller on purpose to ensure everyone in the course gets personalized attention throughout their learning process. Full course bundle registrants have the added bonus of free private mentoring with Susan!

This is not just book learning, but a rich display of the practical application of IFMNT. Susan Allen-Evenson brings a keen element of mentoring with her 30 years of clinical experience and IFMNT know-how. It’s almost like you’re in the clinic with her getting first-hand experience!  One main instructor provides cohesiveness to your learning journey. Expert guest instructors round out the learning.

Through all modules of learning, course participants will take a deep dive into the world of Functional Nutrition, identifying root causes of health problems and addressing strategies to support renewed and optimal health. This certification course (certification is optional) begins with in-depth coverage of the Nutrition Assessment process. Keeping with the comprehensive nature of this course, an array of topics are covered, for example, Nutrients/Supplements, Immune health, Diet and Culinary strategies, Cognition/Brain Health, Detoxification, Gastrointestinal/Gut-Brain, Metabolic Disorders, Endocrine Health, and more. Practice-building tips for success are included in each module!

Woven in among these topics is the inclusion of genomic education, therapeutic diets, and training on a vast amount of functional medicine labs. Case studies throughout will provide examples of practice application of assessment and individualized recommendations strategic to each unique patient, which is the hallmark of personalized Nutrition.

Each module will include loads of handouts (many customizable), practice tools, access to research, and many modules will include further reading (always optional), as well as bonus recordings of additional content! We know you have busy lives; this program does not require any “homework” to earn CPE!

While modules may be taken in any order, we recommend you begin your learning journey with the FN Assessment (Module 1) as this is where the IFMNT process always begins. A thorough assessment ensures you have your client’s full “story”, thereby allowing you to prioritize lab assessment and highly targeted support protocols for maximum case outcomes. Progress through the remaining modules in order, or as it best fits into your schedule. Once modules are recorded, registration remains open for the recorded version until another live series begins. Having modules available recorded and live also allow for a fast-track experience (taking more than one module at a time). Starting in 2022, two new live series will be offered yearly. Each full certification live module cycle is expected to take approximately 48 months, though fast-track options offered along the way can shorten this time considerably.

Completing all required training within 48 months is required to sit for the FMNS certification exam. With the final exam, a case study write-up will also be required for the successful completion of the certification process (separate exam fee required).

Check out our full-course registration option: Pre-register for all Modules, enjoy many valubale free bonuses, and save BIG with our Full-Course BUNDLE SPECIAL!

Full course bundle registrants will enjoy complimentary access to the entire course uninterpreted for 4 years from registration. The Certification examination process must be completed during this 4-yr period as well.  Please note that while Certification is optional, CPE is earned regardless.

Pay-as-you-go Option

Save 10% on individual module registration with NLFN Membership. Not an NLFN member yet? learn more here…

Program Modules Now Total Over 300 CPEs! 

The Functional Nutrition (FN) Assessment Module  (20 CPEs) Coming February 2022 – Registration opens soon!

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Module  (30 CPEs) Coming April 2022

MicroNutrients / Dietary Supplements / Immune Module (38 CPEs) Coming June 2022!

Gastrointestinal Health / Autoimmune Module (37 CPEs) Next Series Begins In 2022!

Toxic Burden/Detoxification Module w/Special Focus: Biotoxin Illness (49 CPEs) Coming March 2022!

Metabolic Disorders: Obesity, Cardio, Diabetes, and Thyroid Health (30 CPEs)

Hormones / Adrenal Health / Mood disorders / Eating Disorders / Mind-Body (37 CPEs) Coming 2022

Cognition and Brain Health: Dementia, TBI, ADHD, Ketogenic Diet, and Autism (20 CPEs) Next Series date announced soon.

Cancer Module (30 CPEs) Coming 2022.

Cross-over Events and/or Bonus Training: Course openings will vary – check back for dates

Optional side training: The Business of IFMNT: Business and Practice Strategies for Success! (8 CPEs)

Functional Nutrition Grand Rounds (case study review) (each 6 session series – 12 CPEs). All New Series just started July 2021 – Register HERE! (Note: COT full-course bundle special offers 1 six-session Grand Rounds series FREE!)

Optional side training: Functional Nutrition Culinary Essentials (8 CPEs) (Note: this course included as a FREE bonus with the COT full-course bundle special!)

Optional continued culinary specialty training: Culinary Biochemistry with Genomic Translation – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Advanced Application for Functional Nutrition (16 CPEs) – previous session’s recordings available – More detail HERE! 


  • Modules as they are delivered live, may overlap to allow for faster matriculation through the training.
  • CPE hours are approximate as adjustments are made for live content delivery
  • For continuity, all modules taught by Susan Allen-Evenson, with occasional guest expert instructors to round out your learning

Sessions Recorded:

All live sessions are also recorded for review continually throughout each module and for additional time after the module concludes (as noted in each module registration). (Note: COT full course bundle registrants enjoy extended recording access for all modules for a full  4-yr period from course commencement).

During course access, all slides, handouts, and CPE certificates are yours to download and retain permanently. No worries if you join in late or miss a live session. Recordings are perfect for those not able to participate in live training or for those who register for any modules after they are given live.

Private Class Forum

A private course networking forum gives an opportunity for networking and for Q & A between sessions. No one ever misses a thing!


Completion of all modules, the required additional Grand Rounds Case Series, and a minimum of the culinary essentials culinary training (a Free Bonus for Full-Bundle course registrants), and successfully passing associated self-study quizzes qualify you to advance to the certification process. Successful passage of the exam and submission of a written case study adequately demonstrating your knowledge of the IFMNT will be required to earn the Functional Medicine Nutrition Specialist (FMNS) credential which designates your advanced authority in this specialty. Note: Additional exam and case review fees will be assessed at the time you choose to engage in the exam process.


Individual module registrants wishing to become FMNS certified must complete all course modules within a 4-year time frame from commencing their first module. (separate exam fee required). A Full course review will be available for purchase at the end of our full program. Certification is always optional, though CPE is earned regardless.