Course Descriptions

Foundations Training

Integrative and Functional Nutrition Foundations Course 7 week series – Fast Track and catch up NOW with the IFMNT Certificate of Training recordings and get prepared for the IFMNT Certificate of Training Program.

13 CPEs for RDNs.

Already know the basics? Though we highly recommend Foundations Training for its thorough overview, ask for the Foundations Training “opt out” exam to enter the IFMNT Certificate of Training Program directly.

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Foundational Concepts in Functional Nutrition

a. How is IFMNT different
b. The big picture assessment
c. Introduction to Genomics and the G.E.N.E.S. model
d. Introduction to the 6 core balance centers.

Recommending Dietary Supplements Responsibly

a. Needs & Quality assessment
b. Multivitamin: They’re not all the same /How to choose
c. The nutritionist’s role and responsibility

Toxicity/Oxidative Stress

a. Toxin awareness: Environmental/GMOs
b. Detoxification: Support /Juicing /Cleansing /Elimination diet

Gastrointestinal Basics

a. Defining parameters of GI function/dysfunction
b. Nutritional Support of the 3 phases of digestion
c. Gluten basics
d. Probiotics


a. Sources of Inflammation
b. Biomarkers for assessment
c. Nutritional anti-inflammatory support

Putting it in Practice

a. Practical tips for incorporating IFMNT into practice interspersed throughout.

Certificate of Training Program

Functional Nutrition Assessment

a. The (very) expanded intake
b. Connecting discovery to next steps
c. The nutrition-focused physical exam

Dietary Supplements

a. Using traditional and Functional labs to assess
b. Therapeutic use of individual nutrients
c. Genomic influences on nutrient utilization

Six Core Centers of Balance – signs of imbalance and how to stabilize

a. Inflammation
b. Oxidation
c. Acid/Alkaline Balance
d. Free mineral excess: Ca/Fe
e. Anaerobic metabolism

IFMNT Lab Assessment

a. Become a lab detective
b. Principles of optimal blood chemistry valuation
c. Genomic biomarkers influencing nutrition

Detoxification (extended topic)

a. Standard lab parameters signaling toxicity
b. Functional Lab Assessment
c. Detox pathways detailed
d. Therapeutic diets and detoxification support detailed

Gastrointestinal (extended topic)

a. Leaky Gut/food sensitivities
b. Microbiome balance/Dysbiosis/SIBO
c. Functional Lab Assessment
d. Therapeutic diets and supplement protocols

IFMNT support for Thyroid disorders

a. Detailed lab interpretation
b. Causes of Thyroid dysfunction
c. Autoimmune thyroiditis
d. Diet and supplemental support defined

Adrenal – Stress reduction

a. Adrenal hormones balance – 3 stages of adrenal stress
b. Mind-Body Connection

CardioMetabolic/Weight Management (extended topic)

a. Specialty Functional Medicine and Genomic cardio testing and interpretation
b. Weight Management from a functional nutrition perspective
c. Supplements specific to cardio-metabolic issues

4 Bonus Sessions: Culinary Aspects of IFMNT

a. Customized culinary educational tools
b. IFMNT-specific recipe and culinary frameworks
c. Resources, practical ideas, and a host of food and nutrition-centric solutions

Many additional sessions

a. IFMNT case study examples
b. Putting it into practice – the business of IFMNT
c. Basic principles of nutrigenomics
d. Quizzes throughout to self assess your learning.
e. Lab interpretation practice

Advanced Studies

Advanced Functional Nutrition Assessment

a. The comprehensive IFMNT case approach
b. Progression from assessment to care plan and future recommendations

Advanced Lab Interpretation – specialty functional medicine labs

a. Amino Acids
b. Organic Acids
c. Essential Fatty acids
d. Connection to protocol development

Detoxification for the advanced IFMNT practitioner

a. Genomic considerations
b. Phase 1&2 up/down regulation
c. Heavy metal detox

Gut-Brain Connection and Microbiome Health

a. Physiologic connections
b. Causes and manifestation of imbalance
c. Nutritional influences/support

Spectrum Disorders: ADHD to Autism

a. Oxidative stress and inflammation issues and support
b. Glutamate excess and how to reduce through nutrition
c. Gastrointestinal considerations
d. Special diet and supplement support for this population

Nutritional Aspects of Integrative Cancer Care

a. Principles of nutritional assessment: specialty lab parameters
b. Targeted nutritional support for inflammation/insulin control
c. Supplements during cancer treatment and beyond

Advanced application of Neuro-Adrenal Protocols

a. Neurotransmitters defined
b. Working around psychotropic meds
c. Sleep disorder support

IFMNT for Cravings/Addictions/Eating Disorders

a. Nutritional influences
b. Psychosocial influences
c. IFMNT support

Hormone Balance / Gender Specific Health Considerations

a. Bone health: more than just Calcium and Vit D
b. PMS/peri-menopause/menopause considerations/support
c. Fertility/Infertility issues
d. Prostate health

Genomics variables influencing IFMNT

a. Referenced throughout
b. Genomic variations that interact/influence health and wellbeing
c. Genomic markers affecting nutritional status / diet and supplement considerations

Pre-recorded Case Studies Series (14 CEs)

Seven different case studies designed to demonstrate the IFMNT process, either through portions of or entire case accounts. Co-presented by Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, CCN and her advanced IFMNT practitioners. This series is highly recommended to bring it all together and help you apply your training! You’ll be motivated by your peers who are successfully applying IFMNT in practice!

  • Recordings available for a limited time – 10 weeks from sign-up.
  • Slide presentations are yours to keep indefinitely.
  • 14 CPEs pre-approved for RDNs.
  • Prerequisite: Must have completed at least Certificate of Training program.
  • This course required to earn the FMN credential.