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Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition
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Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, CCN

Susan Allen-Evenson,

This is the last IFMNT Certificate of Training course for 2019.
Course content only just started this month – Jump in NOW! 

Take advantage of these specials:

  • For those who haven’t had our Foundations in IFMNT short prerequisite course or the equivalent in training, you can overlap Foundations as a pre-recorded fast-track concurrently with the start of the COT program. Combo registration saves you $100! (if you believe you qualify to skip Foundations training, please contact us with your request)
  • For a limited time, save up to $400 on combo course registration. Use code COMBO400 at checkout (must choose pay in full option for this discount)
  • Next Level members receive 10% off training. Join as a basic Emerald member when you register for class, log in and your member discount will automatically come off your registration. For the combo course deal, that’s another $300 off! I’ll even upgrade your membership to Gold with added benefits. So worth it and then you can join our member community as well – a welcoming IFMNT home and an invaluable resource!
  • Would a payment plan help? No worries, I am happy to offer the flexibility to those that need it. Use code SAVENOW at checkout to save up to $250 (cannot exceed the amount of your first payment) – still great savings, especially above your member discount!

These discounts really add up! Just know, you’ll need to be one of the 10 5 that gets these last open spots!


If you’d like to save an additional 10%, be sure to sign up for NLFN membership! (Sign up via the membership page of this website)

Note: once signed up for membership, you’ll receive instructions to sign into your account. be sure you are signed in before you register for this special, to be sure your discount populates!  


Congratulations on your decision to realize these benefits: 

  • Experience freedom to practice at a deeper level that makes a huge difference in patient outcome! 
  • Be wildly successful for your in-demand specialty!
  • Stand way ahead of the crowd as a sought out Functional Nutrition Specialist, and…
  • Command more income than ever before (YES, I’m talking 6-figures potential!)

This is the last time you’ll see this training at the very reasonable price point it’s offered. I’ve updated and expanded content so much these past two years, we now have almost 250 hours! And, we have a whole new online super-organized course delivery format you’ll love. This year’s course fees don’t reflect all these great changes (but they will next year!).

This course goes deep guys and yes, 18 months is a big commitment, but if you want to be the best, you’re going to want the most comprehensive training that gives you the highest confidence to use IFMNT responsibly and most effectively. Would you have it any other way?

You can stay where you are and just get more of the same. But, if you want more for yourself – if you’re committed to working and serving others in joy as a method of creating prosperity and building wealth for yourself and others, then it’s time to join our community. You’ll so thank yourself when you do! I hear it all the time…

Ayla Barmmer, MS, RDN, LDN

“The IFMNT course has been career-changing for me. This training is so critical for any RD. I think that we are doing the public a disservice by not practicing in this way. I would encourage any RD to jump in to this course with your eyes wide open because you are going to be thoroughly trained in the field of functional nutrition and empowered to take your practice to the next level!”

My mission is to empower as many nutritionists as possible to new heights in their career and with that, to also bring nutrition to the forefront of the medical model where it truly belongs!

Join me in my mission and say YES to the career of your dreams!