Certificate of Training (COT) in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT)

18-month Intensive (only offered twice a year)

Live webinars (also recorded) – Wednesdays 2:30 – 4:30 PM ET
Class meets on average 3 weeks per month, depending on season
Recent course just began. Easily catch up on recordings as you jump into live sessions.

Over 120 pre-approved CPEs for RDNs, others should consult their credentialing boards
Prerequisite: Foundations in IFMNT Unless previous similar training is verified – Required to earn the Functional Medicine Nutrition Specialist (FMNS)
credential. Certification awarded upon successful completion of 150-question exam and basic case study write up

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18-mo online training Intensive with Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, CCN, FMNS and guest expert instructors

To practice most responsibly and with the highest level of confidence, you’ll need the deepest coverage of core IFMNT topics. Join pioneer and leading expert, Susan Allen–Evenson, RDN, CCN, FMNS and several noted guest expert presenters for the most comprehensive IFMNT training that exists today!

The IFMNT online Certificate of Training course offers a combination of mostly live and a few pre-recorded sessions. All live sessions are also recorded to allow flexibility in learning options. Join in live or listen to a recording or both – which ever works best for you!

This training is different! Since our courses are held mostly as live and interactive webinars, our content is consistently updated and expanded. Research is continually reviewed and that means our live training is evidenced-based, cutting-edge and hot off the press. Training also offers the benefit of on-the-spot interaction for Q &A and continual clarification of learning as content is delivered and most applicable. You won’t get lost in the crowd here! Class size is kept smaller on purpose to ensure everyone in the course gets personalized attention throughout their learning process.

Not just book learning, but a rich display of the practical application of IFMNT. Susan Allen-Evenson brings a keen element of mentoring with her 28 years of clinical experience and IFMNT know-how. It’s almost like you’re in the clinic with her getting first-hand experience!  One main instructor provides cohesiveness of your learning journey.

Your investment also includes:

  • Over 100 handouts, many you can customize and use as your own
  • An abundance of additional learning links – categorized for your convenience
  • Research references – over 30 pages! This is evidence-based learning at its finest.
  • A private class forum that fosters community with your peers – providing rich networking opportunities and discussion between webinars.

IMPORTANT: Because of the deep science and practical application at the medical level, this course is only open to healthcare professionals with nutrition in their scope of practice (RDN and those with, CCN, CNS, MD, DO, DC, NP, NDs, etc.) and those actively interning. You must already have acquired a 4 year nutrition-related degree or higher level program. Contact us with any questions.

Guest presenters help to round out your training:

Coco Newton

Thought leader and Functional Nutrition expert, Coco Newton MPH, RD, CCN – The Functional Nutrition Physical Exam

Kiran Krisnan

Noted Microbiologist and researcher, Kiran Krishnan – What’s new with Vitamin K2

Beth-Ellen Diluglio

Noted Functional Medicine Nutritionist Beth-Ellen Diluglio, MS, RDN, CCN, LDN – GMO Controversies


Founder of Culinary Genomics and the Genomic Kitchen, Amanda Archibald, RDN – IFMNT Culinary Essentials, 4-part series on culinary and culinary genomic application

Note: additional guest expert presentations are available through our Hot-Topic webinar offerings (separate from this course).

Course content is rich in nutritional biochemistry, genomics and specialty lab interpretation, all areas Susan feels is so important to practice deeply and responsibly. Other topics covered…

  • Functional Nutrition Assessment- includes the detailed intake process
  • Supplement use including labs to assess nutritional status and specific protocols for many health conditions
  • Detoxification for Optimal Health including detox metabolism, testing and protocols for specific support
  • Gastrointestinal Function/Microbiome: Lab assessment and protocols for support of all GI imbalances including SIBO, Candida, IBS, etc., and related GI permeability and immune connection (aka, food/chemical sensitivities)
  • IFMNT support of Thyroid Health including a deep lab component and coverage of autoimmune
  • IFMNT support of Adrenal Health includes adrenal lab interpretation, dietary and supplement protocols, and a comprehensive coverage of stress support, which includes sleep wellness and the mind-body connection
  • Cardio-metabolic topics (Heart health, obesity, and blood sugar management) – specialty lab interpretation and supporting protocols
  • Blood chemistry interpretation through the specialty IFMNT lens
  • Comprehensive coverage of core imbalances that underlie all chronic disease
  • Detailed and comprehensive Genomics implication is weaved throughout the whole course as it is pertinent to each topic.

Manageable schedule: Only 2-4 (2-hr) evening webinars per month depending on season. Our content goes deep but you can easily fit the program into even the busiest schedule. Yes, we provide plenty of additional learning opportunity, though no homework is mandatory for this course – slide and handout content are quite comprehensive already. On average, our course requires as little as 2.5 hrs/wk.

Self-study quizzes for each topic help you stay on-track with your learning along the way. The 150-question “open-book” final exam is completely off the slides from the course. Successful completion of this exam (80%) and a case study write up demonstrating your ability to effectively assess and make initial recommendations using IFMNT is required to receive the certificate of training. Certification is optimal: CPE hours are awarded to all who participate in this course regardless.

This is an in-depth introductory series covering the basic foundations of IFMNT. While this series is optional for those with previous training or experience, we highly recommend anyone not already practicing IFMNT start with Foundations, so nothing is missed! Get the basics just to incorporate a bit of IFMNT into your existing practice or let this be the beginning of an exciting journey that will expand your career to new heights – guaranteed! For more info on course content, go here.

18-mo IFMNT Certificate of Training Online Intensive
Live webinars: Wednesdays – 2:30-4:30 PM ET
Sessions also recorded for review or for those not able to participate in live training. Recordings are available for 90 days following program completion. Slides and handouts are yours to keep.

Over 120 CPE hours for RDNs! (Others should inquire with the credentialing board)

Price: $2697.00 – Save 10% with NLFN MembershipLearn more here
BONUS: Now includes complementary 4-session IFMNT Culinary Essentials series!

Prerequisite: Foundations in IFMNT or the equivalent in Functional Nutrition training or experience.

Payment plans available: (Remember – NLFN Members receive 10% off!)

Combo Course discount: Want to save even more? Combine this course with Foundations in IFMNT 9-wk series and save an additional $100!

Student pricing: Students must have graduated and/or be an intern in order to qualify to move to the Certificate of Training program.

Students receive NLFN Emerald membership for their first year free! Subsequent years while still in school, membership (at whatever level you choose) is 1/2 off. In addition, students are able to take the IFMNT Foundations course for 50% off. (Note: this option cannot be combined with any other offers) and membership gets you another 10% off all courses. More membership info here: https://www.nextlevelfunctionalnutrition.com/memberships/  Contact us to learn more.

Graduates/interns: Graduates with a nutrition degree and/or interns qualify to enter the IFMNT Certificate of Training course. 

Must provide proof of status as a current full-time student or intern.

Group Discount – Groups of 5 or more from the same institution or practice receive an additional 5% off. This can be in addition to 10% Member discount Contact us to learn more.

IFMNT Alumni students – Repeat a training course to get all the new updated and expanded content – Request our IFMNT alumni registration form with very special savings just for Alumni students! Contact us to learn more.

Military – VA dietitians and any clinicians serving in the military are eligible to receive a 10% discount towards training programs, and this discount may be used in tandem with the 10% NLFN Member discount. Contact us to learn more.