Although Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a gastroenterology disorder, its impact on brain chemistry and hormone metabolism frequently results in insomnia, anxiety, depression and estrogen excess. It is well known that SIBO can disrupt the nervous system in the gut, but it also can be the driver behind mood disorders (anxiety, depression) and insomnia.
Additionally, the excessive metabolic stress SIBO creates often results in sex hormone metabolism issues that lead to acne, PMS and even PCOS.
This lecture will provide an overview of SIBO including clinical screening, diagnostics, interpretations and treatment options.  Dr. Bush will introduce participants to SIBO's brain-gut-hormone connection through case studies.
Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to…

  1. Define and describe SIBO
  2. Discuss parameters of SIBO testing
  3. Appreciate the extra-GI symptoms of SIBO
  4. Use case studies to explore support of the Brain-Gut-Hormone connection of SIBO
Susan Allen-Evenson Hosts - Bradley Bush, ND

SIBO and the Brain-Gut-Hormone Connection

  • When: Rescheduled date TBA Due to Hurricane Irma 
  • Webinar will be recorded
  • RDNs earn 2 CPEs 
  • Cost: $24.00
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SIBO- brain gut hormone connection
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Bradley Bush, ND received his naturopathic doctor and has practiced since 2001. He is currently co-owner and Clinic Director of Natural Medicine of Stillwater in beautiful Stillwater, MN. Dr Bush founded the SIBO lab testing company called Neurovanna after serving for years in the lab industry as Medical Science Liaison Director and Director of NEI Nutrition and Clinical Affairs.  He has served on several scientific and professional association boards. 

Dr Bush has lectured on various topics in Integrative Medicine all across the country and Canada. He is well published on a variety of topics ranging from hormonal to neurological to immune conditions.

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