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More About IFMNT Training Programs

Integrative and Functional Nutrition is a specialty not taught in the traditional dietetics curriculum. It’s up to you to advance your skills by getting this career-changing training so you can best meet your patients’ growing needs, compete in the marketplace and provide the most comprehensive patient care.

With a solid foundation in Functional Nutrition, you’ll gain more confidence and establish yourself as a cutting-edge expert. And in today’s competitive world that means more earning potential. In specialty IFMNT certificate of training programs you’ll learn more, have more successes, gain more respect from doctors, and experience more successful patient outcomes now, that’s what we all want!

This comprehensive program is developed specifically for healthcare professionals using nutrition in their practice or as their primary practice. With 30+ years of training and experience with some of the top names in Functional Medicine, Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, CCN, FMNS can help you get up to speed. With multiple opportunities for online training, you’ll save critical time and travel costs when compared to attending on-site seminars, workshops, and conferences. This program works for anyone’s schedule since all live sessions are also recorded. You’ll also receive loads of handouts and customizable forms to overflow your toolbox.

What’s unique about this program is its live discussion and private group networking platforms which allows for sharing amongst other forward-thinking colleagues. It’s a place to bounce off ideas, find additional resources, and post specific questions pertaining to patient cases or in general about nutrition-specific issues.  Affordable payment plans are often offered to fit anyone’s budget. In some cases, group discounts are offered as well (please inquire)

The Certificate of Training is optional with an added final exam process. Certificate of completion provided regardless. Those earning a Certificate of Training are automatically listed in our IFMNT Practitioner Referral Directory (in development).

  • Principles of Balance: The foundations of IFMNT intervention
  • Vitamin, herbal, essential fatty acids, and other dietary supplements: How to responsibly use in practice
  • Lab assessment under a functional medicine lens
  • Specialty Functional Nutrition lab interpretation
  • Toxicity/Detoxification/Cleansing: What, When, and Why – Nutrition’s vital role!
  • Advanced GI health support (including leaky gut, Candida, Gluten, and other food sensitivities)
  • Anti-inflammatory and other therapeutic diets
  • Nutrigenomics: (like MTHFR): unravel the mystery and bring your practice into the 21st century!
  • IFMNT aspects of Thyroid health
  • Nutritional support for mood disorders, chronic fatigue, sleep issues, and stress maladaptation (adrenal)
  • Cardio Metabolic/obesity updated with an IFMNT twist
  • Men and Women’s health: includes hormone balance through nutritional support
  • ADHD to Autism: nutrition’s role in spectrum disorders
  • Career support: Incorporation of functional nutrition into your practice, whatever your setting
  • Other specialty subjects like mind-body, autoimmune, Integrative Cancer care, and more!
  • With your Certificate of Training, you’ll be listed in the graduate practitioner directory – great referral potential! (Currently in development)
  • Private NLFN Member and training Facebook groups – stay connected and continually network with your peers!

These days, there is so much information available about alternative healing modalities including supplements/herbs, nutrition, fitness, alternative/functional medicine, mind-body practices, etc. It’s hard to sift through it all and know what to trust or how to use in practice. Next Level Functional Nutrition offers you reliable research and clinical experience based information and training that will help you stay on the leading edge of your profession and, more importantly, empower you to more fully and effectively serve the clients you work with.

Our program is suited to Registered Dietitians and Professional Nutritionists, along with any other credentialed healthcare clinicians who wish to add a nutrition focus to their practice, such as: MDs, DOs, RNPs, RNs, DCs, DOMs, etc. Due to the heavy emphasis on the clinical application of our training, registration is limited to licensed or professional healthcare clinicians (as noted above) who have at least a 4-year undergraduate or a 2-year Master’s, science-based degree.

Note: although we gladly include non-nutritional medical professionals in our training programs, we encourage you to partner with an IFMNT Nutritionist (also called a Functional Nutritionist) for the maximum application of nutritional services and to ensure the most successful outcomes with your patients. The value of this training is that you appreciate the importance of IFMNT nutrition as a vital component of patient care and that you can work effectively as a team to provide the most comprehensive care to those you serve

Click here to learn more about Culinary for IMFNT.

  • Taught by seasoned RDN with over 25 years of clinical experience in Functional Nutrition, Susan Allen-Evenson
    1. Not just fact-sharing/book-learning – actual mentoring. Continuity of training is ensured with one main instructor. Expert guest instructors round out the learning.
    2. Sharing of real-life experience in case management & practice building
    3. How-to of incorporating IFMNT into your existing practice, whatever your setting
  • Training restricted to healthcare practitioners with a minimum 4-year science-based degree ONLY – anyone less trained will not be allowed to register (dietetic students allowed in Foundations and Interns allowed in COT as long as they are scheduled to graduate before program’s end)
    1. Clinically rich, deep-science content formatted for licensed healthcare practitioners, specifically RDNs or others emphasizing nutrition in their practice
  • Comprehensive primarily live webinar programs with interactive features to enhance your learning
    1. No need to travel
    2. All webinars also recorded to allow for review at your leisure. All you need is internet to connect, it’s that easy!
    3. Robust PowerPoint presentation slides provided (literally thousands of slides!) – and, so much more than you learned in school!
    4. Ability to ask questions/interact in session just as content is delivered – the most practical and applicable way to learn!
  • Private Networking Forum for each course
    1. Virtual discussion group for questions/discussion between webinars
    2. Great networking opportunity
    3. Case guidance provided
  • Invaluable resources included
    1. Tons of free handouts and assessment forms to personalize for your practice
    2. Extensive links to further learning
    3. Generous discount for a gold-standard resource book, a must have for those practicing in Functional Medicine
  • Practical application with real case studies
    1. Lab request know-how
    2. Deep lab interpretation component with in-dept guided practice examples
    3. Protocol application
  • Substantial savings on one-on-one coaching with IFMNT pioneer, Susan Allen-Evenson (optional add-on)
    1. Problem-solve your difficult patient cases
    2. Use for your own (or a family member’s) work-up
    3. Use for career/business/marketing coaching (Free 30-min session provided to Foundations course participants!)
  • Certificate of Training
    1. Proudly promote your level of training to designate your specialty in IFMNT. Set yourself apart from the crowd. Enjoy greater earning potential
    2. Private membership community available to continually share and network with your peers.
    3. Listing in the graduate practitioner directory (coming soon!)
  • All totaled, our programs offer over 350 hours of content! 
  • So economically priced for all you get!
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Meet Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, CCN, FMNS

30 years of clinical experience in Functional Nutrition, 15+ years as a private mentor, and now 10 years leading online professional training. Certificate of Training in IFMNT featuring special expert guest presenters and an emphasis on nutritional genomics!

Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, CCN

Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, CCN, FMNS

Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, FMNS

Founder & Mentor, Next Level Functional Nutrition

Thirty years ago my mentor in the field of Functional Medicine helped me realize there was more to nutrition than I learned in my traditional training. Enticed, this led me down an exciting path of discovery that transformed me, both personally and professionally. I hear often from my clients, “No one else has ever told me this” and “I feel better than I have in years!”

Enthralled with my success and career growth using IFMNT, I realized I just had to share this with my peers. This vision is what birthed my own mentor program almost 20 years ago, which eventually grew into the international training initiative Next Level Functional Nutrition, where noted experts join me in influencing thousands to incorporate IFMNT into practice.

My mission is to see nutrition considered the very cornerstone of health and to have my colleagues experience no less than the level of respect and success they so deserve, yet often struggle to have. I truly believe IFMNT is the key!

I am proud to be considered one of the pioneers in our global healthcare transformation. Join me on this amazing journey and see for yourself how much more you can grow and make a difference yourself!

Learn More About Susan Allen-Evenson Here

See What Others Are Saying

Kimberly M. Concra, LDA

“With Next Level Functional Nutrition and Susan’s experience and knowledge, I have learned without having to leave my home and with the support of other nutritionists whom also serve as mentors…even as they are learning, too.”

Mona Ottum, RD

“WOW! I’ve been a dietitian for 5 years, a chemical engineer for 33 years, and an avid gardener for most of my 55 years. It has been puzzling how to integrate my passion for growing food with my recent passion for IFMNT. This just rocks!

Paulette Weber RD, LD/N, CLT

My assessment skills have improved tremendously. The functional lab analysis has truly amazed me – this skill alone can transform an RD’s practice! I appreciate that the sessions are recorded. To me the biggest benefit is access to the Facebook group and Susan who has been available to answer questions about individual cases.”

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Private mentoring/coaching sessions available with Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, CCN – perfect for career advice or to help with your most challenging cases. Contact us for more details.

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