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This is like no other time in history. Health is more important than ever. Our public is scrambling for sound advice from credible sources. Focus is high on disease prevention and natural support options.

One-size does NOT fit all, especially now!
Only personalized assessment and expanded knowledge will dictate the best support protocols.

Functional Medicine has answers – answers that rely heavily on Nutrition know-how at the deepest level. Our public needs your support and Doctors need more specialty-trained nutritionists to assist their patients.

You don’t need to be in private practice to provide this rich support, though these days, starting an (even small) virtual practice is easier than ever!

So, how confident are you with your knowledge of biochemistry, dietary and herbal supplements, Functional Medicine labs, and immune physiology? (And that’s just the start)

It’s Time to Be Part of the Solution!

Are you prepared to become the expert resource needed now more than ever? Are you ready to transform your career and have incredible opportunities for success more than you’ve ever known?


Now’s the time to take your training to the Next Level!
And, this is the place, as no deeper training in Functional Nutrition exists!

Next Level Functional Nutrition Online IFMNT Courses

Leading-edge, Evidence-based Live/Interactive Training

Registration is open to degreed or credentialed healthcare professionals and students in nutrition degree programs only.
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Supplement Savvy: Everything You Need to Know to Become an Expert in Dietary Supplements

27-hr Webinar Training Intensive w/optional 10-hr Immune Focus add-on

Our conventional nutrition education has prepared us well in key areas like general anatomy & physiology, lifecycle nutrition, macro and micronutrients, body systems; cardiovascular, blood sugar, liver, digestion, etc, and of course, specialty medical and overall healthy diets. The emphasis is on getting nutrition through a good varied diet; one that provides the RDAs for all the essential nutrients. But what about when diet and RDA standards aren’t enough?

In this training series, we’ll explore assessment modalities including laboratory biomarkers and clinical signs/symptoms that aid us to best determine our patients’ needs for supplementation and provide the basis for responsible recommendations. Likewise, the importance of follow-up to adjust recommendations over time.

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Functional Nutrition Grand Rounds

(Required to earn the FMNS credential)

6-Session Online Monthly Series

Registration Now Open – Last Day for Early Bird Savings is TODAY!
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Series meets Wed 1-3 PM (Eastern) Aug 2023 – Jan 2024:
Session Dates: 8/23, 9/20, 10/18, 11/16, 12/13, and 1/17

As you dive deep into (or have completed) your Functional Nutrition training, it’s crucial to bring your knowledge full circle with application. This online series provides a unique and valuable interactive case work-up experience sure to boost your confidence in using Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) in practice!

To get the most from case study practicums, we suggest you complete our IFMNT Assessment and Blood Chemistry Interpretation training or have completed comparable professional training elsewhere. This series is only open to fully credentialed/licensed healthcare practitioners with nutrition in their scope of practice.

Each session offers 2 hours interactive case review; 12 CPEs total.

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Adrenal Health: Optimizing Support for Energy, Sleep, and Wellbeing

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When adrenal glands don’t produce enough hormones, this can result in adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease). Short of a frank diagnosis though, many with prolonged stress exhibit signs of what is commonly referred to as mild adrenal insufficiency or “adrenal fatigue”. While not a medical diagnosis, symptoms can be quite significant for some. Do you know the best support? The lack of sensitivity in typical blood tests presents a challenge and leaves many lacking to connect to the real root cause. What tests should you do instead?

This training provides deep coverage of the adrenal system so you can properly assess your clients to know exactly where the imbalances lie and how to responsibly provide targeted support. You’ll identify the root-cause culprits while helping your clients mitigate common stressors in their lives to regain vibrancy once again!

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Nutritional Implications of Methylation

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The Methyl Cycle is the backbone of our physiology. Its functional status determines our susceptibility to environmental toxins, hormone balance, cardiometabolic health, stress resistance and so much more!

Methylation is a confusing array of biochemistry, but suffice it to say, a defect at any one point in these interlocking cycles will inevitably affect the remaining pathways, and your overall health will then suffer.

Among diet, environmental and lifestyle influences, genetics can be the culprit in methylation dysfunction. While we cannot change our DNA, if we know the weak links we can create “nutritional workarounds” – we can supplement alternative pathways or withhold from your diet molecules that work against us.

If we don’t address the Methyl Cycle abnormalities that underlie unexplained or chronic illness – well then, the illnesses will remain chronic and unexplained, because it is the Methyl Cycle Abnormalities that predisposed us to ill health.

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Business Success Strategies for Nutrition Entrepreneurs

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You got into nutrition to help people. You’re a healer with passion; you care! That’s why you’re going all-out into the specialty of Functional Nutrition. The problem comes when you can’t bridge you’re passion to profit.

Getting patients, knowing what to charge, having a solid business strategy that serves your patients and fits your lifestyle – where were those classes in school?

My Functional Nutrition Success FormulaTM contains 5 Keys. One of them is “Put it into Practice: Business Strategies to Help You Soar!” Business is a vital component for success!

More course details HERE

The Functional Nutrition Approach to Cancer Prevention and Support

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It is estimated that around one-third of deaths from cancer are due to tobacco use, high body mass index, alcohol consumption, low fruit and vegetable intake, and lack of physical activity. Likewise, we know many cancers can be cured if detected early and treated effectively.

Functional Medicine professionals recognize while you can’t change your genetics, we do have a lot more control over the expression of our genetics than we ever thought before. By assessing for underlying root-cause issues and addressing patient care from a systems biology framework, they know that preventing or changing a cancer-permissive milieu is a game-changing approach!

Yes, you can dramatically reduce the chances of getting or dying from cancer, if you just know what to do!

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A Functional Nutrition Focus on Thyroid Health

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Conventional medicine has predictable answers for thyroid disease, but unfortunately, there remain clients with subclinical presentation that often goes undetected or unattributed to thyroid dysfunction. Even those considered adequately medicated can still present with symptoms. Worse yet, many are told their thyroid isn’t the problem but if looked at more deeply, there indeed is a connection to the thyroid!

By applying multiple aspects of Functional Nutrition, more in-depth support of thyroid health can be achieved. Help your clients find the missing pieces and achieve vibrant health once and for all!

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Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) Full Content Module Bundle 

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Become an authority in Functional Nutrition!

You wanted more flexibility and budget-friendly options – we’ve got it for you here!

Course content is now also offered in subject-specific modules registered separately, or as a bundle with added bonuses (your best deal). Module descriptions inside. It’s Your Choice – Learn more about specific topics or complete all modules to earn a certificate of Training in Functional Nutrition.

All totaled, content modules included in the bundle registration provide over 350 CPEs!

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The Art of Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation

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Become a Blood Detective!

Are your clients being told their blood work is normal, but they KNOW something is not right? You can tell more from bloodwork than you think, especially as you look at it from a systems biology approach (the root-cause approach) which is the key characteristic of the Functional Medicine model. Many Doctors aren’t taught to look at blood this way, but you can be!

30 hours of content

Course Details Here!

Course Details Here!

The Functional Nutrition Assessment – Part 1 – The Functional Nutrition Intake (23.5 CPEs)

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Do you ever feel like there is something missing when working with your clients? They’ve begun to make changes and are seeing some results but something’s missing…they’re still struggling to meet their health goals or to see the full resolution of their symptoms you and they expected.Maybe you’ve missed something! 

The Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) assessment dives deep leaving no stone unturned! The unique makeup of each patient is considered, along with both internal and external factors that affect overall health and vitality. Genetic influences are also key to a deep understanding of each client. Together, all of these factors contribute to your most personalized recommendations that help to ensure the most successful outcomes in even your most challenging cases.  

This training is also Module 1 of our complete Functional Nutrition Certification program. You can register for this module alone or in combination separate from the full certification. Those registering for separate modules who wish to become certified can still apply for certification as long as all separate modules are completed within a 4 year period.

Course Details Here!

Toxin Awareness and Detoxification Support MasterClass

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Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

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20 CPEs!

Histamine intolerance manifests in up to 3 – 6% of the population (with a prevalence in children and as much as 80% in middle-aged women), but how much is unidentified or unreported considering the rapidly increasing number of those who suffer?

Patients struggle with the conventional recommendation of antihistamine medication with unwanted side effects and restrictive histamine avoidance diets. If it’s not a typical histamine reaction, they get other medications (sometimes several). They want more than medication and diets; they want solutions to alleviate the problem in the first place!

Become An Expert and Have the Answers Your Patients Need!

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Private Mentoring with Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, CCN, FMNS

Learn with a seasoned pro with over 25 years’ experience! Private mentoring helps you gain confidence about what you know. It’s a great way to fast-track your practice! Mentoring will assure you’re not missing anything with case assessment or lab interpretation. Get guidance on those complex cases or with business/career development and marketing. Purchase separately or save on block-of-time purchases.

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Dietetic interns: Active, full-time dietetic interns qualify to enter the IFMNT Certificate of Training course, full bundle series.  As well, they can register for any individual module training and receive an additional 10% off. Interns also qualify for 50% off their first year of NLFN membership. Members get 10% individual training modules, so if an intern is also a member, that’s a double discount on training modules! above the NLFN Membership discount. (individual module registration only). For the membership discount to auto populate, members must be logged in before registering for training. follow the membership discount above in student section. Please write us to obtain intern 50% off code for membership. or the 10% off code for training modules. Note: The full series Functional Nutrition certification bundle is already so deeply discounted, no other discounts apply.

Must provide proof of current full-time student or intern status for above offers. Note: Interns must have completed internship and have become credentialed before they may qualify for the FMNS certification credential.

Group Discount: Groups of 5 or more from the same institution or practice receive an additional 5% off – One payment must cover all applicants. This can be in addition to the 10% member discount (module registration only; full course COT bundle already includes member discount)

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