Leverage Functional Nutrition’s systems biology and root-cause analysis approach to gain insight and have greater impact on client cases….whatever their health concerns – it’s all about underlying imbalances!

The Balance Blueprint:

Exploring Imbalance in the Six Core Centers of Health to Prevent or Halt Chronic Disease

11.5 hours – recently recorded from live training. Recording access expires after 6 months of access. Note: these recorded options do NOT provide pre-approved CPE

If you want to truly help everyone that comes your way, you can’t afford to lack knowledge of foundational principles that affect every aspect of health, down to the core!

Today, an estimated 133 million Americans – nearly half the population – suffer from at least one chronic illness, such as hypertension, heart disease and arthritis. And according to the latest statistics, obesity currently affects four out of 10 Americans.

For all the medical and nutritional support available, it’s clear from these numbers that we’re clearly missing the mark in patient care!

Are your clients frustrated? Do they long for lasting resolution rather than just another diet or medication for symptom management?

It’s time to look at things differently! 

My Balance Blueprint training will lay out the foundational six core centers of health and show you how to identify the signs, symptoms, and biomarkers of subclinical imbalances within these areas that are common root-cause factors underlying chronic disease.

Once you know all the connections and what to do to regain balance in these key areas, you’ll be able to make targeted recommendations that have a meaningful impact on clinical manifestation. It’s also the best method to keep your clients at their peak of health and in their best place for the prevention of chronic disease.

You may never look at health and disease the same way again! Think about it -we’re not “treating a disease”, we’re supporting health from the inside out!

Are your clients stuck in the spinning wheel of disease management? Help them break free so they can get back to living vibrantly again!

Let me tell you about my client, Terry…

Terry came to me for weight loss. She also had irritable bowel which she was told was “under control”. After years of spinning her wheels with recommendations from multiple doctors and dietitians she’d seen, she was desperate for answers. Classified as morbidly obese, she did initially see results but for not even half her goal. For the past year, no matter what diet, and despite hours in the gym each week, nothing could get her jump-started. She was frustrated, depressed, and about ready to give up until a co-worker referred her to me.

I evaluated Terry deeply through the Functional Nutrition lens I had used time and again to get meaningful answers. And sure enough, looking beyond diet and exercise recommendations, I found a myriad of imbalances at the root core level. By looking at her clinical presentation, and basic bloodwork, I was able to identify 3 of the 6 Core Centers of Health that were manifesting signs of imbalance; inflammation, oxidative stress, and acid stress.

Knowing these key subclinical imbalances could affect her mineral status, mitochondrial function, and hormone balance; and knowing that all could impede optimal metabolic function, I was able to focus on finding the root causes of these imbalances to then develop a personalized regimen that would finally allow a good diet and exercise regimen to work again.

Before/After Representation

Note: Not Terry’s actual photo, but representative of her results.

Turns out the culprits were her stress level and imbalanced microbiome, but so too were previous recommendations she’d been given that amounted to overexercising and restricted dietary regimens that aggravated nutrient and essential fatty acid status and kept her in a cycle of subclinical imbalance, not to mention thyroid dysfunction that wasn’t even identified previously, all things together contributing to the lock-down of her metabolism.

No wonder she was stuck! I knew then and there we had our work cut out for us, but I was confident I finally had the answers she was looking for.

It took us several months to unravel it all, but piece by piece, we put the puzzle back together and everything began to fall into place! Over time, Terry lost 100 pounds; she looked great, felt amazing, and happier than ever, she was delighted to finally have her life back!

Subclinical imbalances, left unsupported, beget clinical manifestations. Identify underlying root causes & get answers that give lasting results!

What Will You Learn in The Balance Blueprint?

The Six Core Centers of Health provide a framework in which to look at balances and imbalances within the body. Subclinical imbalances if left unmanaged can lead to clinical imbalances and disease. The subclinical balances or imbalances are like the roots of a tree. Although not seen they are the strength, foundation, and life force of the tree. The health of the root system influences what is seen outwardly.

The goal is to achieve optimal health through these six targeted areas:

  • Healthy, acute inflammation
  • Oxidative balance
  • Aerobic metabolism
  • Calcium balance
  • Connective tissue integrity
  • pH balance

You will discover the synergy of how all the areas work together, as well as the imbalance (or subclinical defects) that’s created when any one of these areas is not balanced.

Objectives of this Training:

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the Six Core Centers of Health and the corresponding state of imbalance for each.
  • Compare and contrast the relationships between the Six Core Center of Health, i.e. how do they influence each other? Similarities? Differences?
  • Evaluate a patient based on the Six Core Centers of Health, and provide nutritional recommendations to correct imbalances.
Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, CCN, FMNS

Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, FMNS

I’m Here To Help!

I’m Susan Allen-Evenson, and I have 30 years of amazing experience successfully using dietary supplements with clients in the many Functional Medicine settings I’ve worked in, including several years in private practice.  I’ve even consulted for a couple of supplement companies along the way.

I know the ins and outs, what to do, and what NOT to do, and I’ve got insider industry secrets ready to share! It’s critical you know this too if you want to capture the business that’s out there just waiting for you to grab. I’ve been providing professional training for Dietitians/Nutritionists for over 10 years now because I know firsthand how much our public needs responsible and safe guidance for their health. Many I train are surprised there is a lot more to know than they ever thought. 

Praise For Our Course

Kerry Mitchell RDN, LD, CLT

Susan teaches us what we thought we would be learning as a dietitian in school. She fills in the blanks of what is missing in our training and how we can truly be the nutrition expert through IFMNT.

Melissa Karch RDN, CLT

In the past 2 years, I’ve expanded my business, moved to a larger office, hired several other RDs, have front desk staff, ect…. I’m grateful for all I’ve learned in your classes, Susan – it has inspired me in a new way that my first 20 years as an RD never did – Thank You!

Nazik Utuchian MPH, RD

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedicated effort in bringing us the BEST education. Your passion and enthusiasm is a gift that not a lot of teachers have. I’m so grateful I bumped into your booth in FNCE. Thank you, thank you!


Our population is invested in health and disease prevention more than ever before. Many are looking past the conventional medical paradigm to a broader level of support encompassing nutrition, lifestyle, and complementary therapies. Without enough qualified clinicians trained in these modalities, the public is left to the internet and less qualified health coaches.

It’s time we expand beyond our conventional training to the fuller aspects of Integrative and Functional Care – that which addresses root-cause analysis and systems biology approaches that are more comprehensive and evidenced based – this to better support the health and wellness of those we serve!

Ultimately, the knowledge you will gain in this and other courses here at NLFN has the potential to raise you to the top-tier of practitioners with the highest ability to help your clients achieve success in reaching their health goals. With this comes a proven model for your career growth and satisfaction. It’s a win-win all around!

Get the training to deliver outstanding results even for the toughest cases so that you can command more money, help more clients, and dominate your market.

The Balance Blueprint:

Exploring the Six Core Centers of Health to Prevent or Halt Chronic Disease

11.5 hours – recently recorded from live training. Recording access expires after 6 months of access.

(Note: recorded training does not come with pre-approved CPE)

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