Time to get past your fear, doubt, overwhelm and frustration,
and onto building your thriving Functional Nutrition practice!

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You got into nutrition to help people. You’re a healer with passion; you care! That’s why you’re going all-out into the specialty of Functional Nutrition. The problem comes when you can’t bridge you’re passion to profit.

Is Your Practice Not Going Exactly as You Pictured?

Getting patients, knowing what to charge, having a solid business strategy that serves your patients and fits your lifestyle – where were those classes in school?

My Functional Nutrition Success FormulaTM contains 5 Keys. One of them is “Put it into Practice: Business Strategies to Help You Soar!” Business is a vital component for success!

You can learn all there is to know about Functional Nutrition, even have an impressive certification, but if you can’t set up the business side of things successfully and know how to connect to your clientele, you’re not going to get very far.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money to become an expert! Don’t let your lack of business knowledge be the roadblock to realizing your full potential!

It’s essential you learn how to get more patients, structure your services,
and how to stop providing free advice so that you’re practice is actually profitable!

Susan Allen-Evenson

Hi, I’m Susan Allen-Evenson. I’ve been a dietitian for over 30 years. I was very fortunate to meet and be influenced by colleagues in the holistic, integrative medicine space early on. The term Functional Medicine wasn’t even coined yet!

Frustrated with less than stellar patient outcomes using a traditional dietetic approach, and intrigued as I learned more about what I didn’t learn in school, early on, I committed to a journey of discovery that ultimately put me on a path of ultimate career transformation I never dreamt I could have!

As I applied the Integrative and Functional Nutrition model in my practice,
it wasn’t long before I was enjoying…

A Six figure income and waiting list of patients

The ability to practice the way I wanted to, free from company mandated policies and   procedures

Super grateful patients for the answers and results they previously struggled to get

Referrals galore from those patients (and more referrals from their Doctors too)

Professional respect at the highest level

Complete freedom to set my own schedule, and have more time with my family and friends

Now I’m not saying this was a walk in the park to accomplish. Don’t get me wrong – being an entrepreneur takes drive and commitment, sometimes long hours, and yes, there were bumps along the road and occasional course-corrects. I definably had to learn the how-to’s of business from scratch, and I won’t even tell you know much I’ve invested on marketing training over the years.

Here’s the good news – I’ve traveled this road already! I’ve got the bruises to show for it, I invested a lot of time and money – but it all paid off! I’ve attained authority status and couldn’t love what I do any tiny bit more. And best of all, now I can save you a lot of time and energy by sharing all I’ve learned over time. You get the benefits of the fast-track to knowing without all the hurdles I had to jump through!

Functional Nutrition has become my passion. My mission over time has transformed – now my highest goal is to share what I know with my colleagues to enable them to have the same success as I’ve had.

Join this training and let me help you:

  • Identify profit-building revenue streams that don’t hijack your valuable time
  • Save time and lighten you load of trial and error
  • Get unstuck by reducing your frustration and overwhelm
  • Overcome mind-set blocks like self-doubt and self-defeating business practices
  • Get organized with all the need-to-know practice start-up and growth strategies that matter most
  • Attain the key business skills you need to succeed at the authority level you deserve

I KNOW you can have the same success I’ve had and I’m committed to helping you get there. Not only have I developed the most comprehensive training in Functional Nutrition there is today, but in this specific training, I share the business insight that’s equally as important to put it all together!  I’ll help you skyrocket to success!

Ready To Finally Build The Functional Nutrition Practice You’ve Always Envisioned?

When you don’t know how to run a business, you’ll have a much harder time building a profitable practice. You may have already learned that the hard way. Your business is nothing without patients!

In this course, we’ll dive into my signature Business Strategies Success System™  

Here are 12 key areas we’ll cover…

Identify your “why” your goal, vision, and mission.

How to figure out your story, your niche, your messaging/brand, your offerings, and your profit strategy

Writing your ‘elevator speech’ using the 5 P’s of positioning.

Profiling and nurturing your ideal clients

Trust and authority building strategies

Tools to help you run your business more efficiently

Practice start-up growth essentials

Identifying cross referral sources and networking opportunities

Income earning strategies that work even while you‘re asleep

Time management strategies that maintain life-balanced

Effective marketing that doesn’t break the bank

How to identify and get over limiting beliefs that sabotage your goals and dreams

Bonus: Along the way we’ll have a few guest contributors to share their stories of struggle and success – all great learning! Will even have a surprise top business coach make a special appearance to share some of her top tips as well

Say Hello to
New-found Confidence!

Imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve built the practice you’ve always wanted…

  • You feel confident in your decisions rather than confused and second-guessing yourself
  • You’re organized and full of energy with a nice balance of work and play time
  • You have testimonial after testimonial of clients who say you’ve “changed their life”.
  • You have a waitlist of clients who can’t wait to work with you because of your excellent reputation (maybe you even need to hire a staff!)
  • You have streamlined systems and processes in place so that you can effectively and efficiently serve your ideal clients
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