This Month’s Informative Hot-Topic Webinar!
(You Wanted Deep Science Back – Here it Is!)

We’ve got a problem….

Nothing draws more judgment, criticism, and sneering than excess body weight. But is it as simple as primary care physicians and life-long lean people make it sound?

More individuals complete college degrees (63%) than successfully maintain long-term weight loss (20%).

The problem is beyond frustrating – some struggle for a lifetime, while others simply give up!

Here’s good news…

Newly emerging research is finally beginning to reveal why many long-accepted assumptions and beliefs about body fat physiology are just plain wrong.

In this month’s hot-topic webinar, we’ll embark on a transformative journey that challenges the oversimplified notion of “just eat less and move more”. By disrupting entrenched paradigms, we’ll delve into the underappreciated reasons why individuals, including children, struggle with weight gain, weight loss resistance & maintenance failure. 

Join us in unraveling this intricate issue with a newfound understanding, empowering you to catalyze profound transformations in the lives and health of your clients.

Susan Allen-Evenson Hosts Special Guest, Mona S. Ottum MS, RDN, IFMCP, CLT, CD, FMNS

Finally Get the Answers You Need!

Get Ready We’re introducing fresh, previously unknown insights into the complexities of acquiring and retaining excess body fat and explore groundbreaking solutions through a root cause perspective anchored in Functional Medicine.


CPE: RDNs earn 2 CPES for attending this webinar (others should inquire with their credential board)



By attending this webinar, learners will…

  • Examine the complexities of excess body weight that go beyond conventional wisdom.
  • Gain new and profound insights into excess body fat storage and its associated dysfunctions,
  • Explore powerful, individualized solutions through a root cause perspective grounded in Functional Medicine.

Presenter Bio:


Mona is a second career Registered Dietitian who began as a Chemical Engineer. She has always been a serious gardener, food preserver, cook and foodie.

Passionate about nutrition and health and entrepreneurial, she decided to go back to school and make food and nutrition a career when it transformed the health of herself and her two young children when diagnosed with Hashimoto’s after being utterly failed by the mainstream medical system.

She became an RD in 2009 and completed her MS Human Nutrition in 2014 at Eastern Michigan University. She authored a published peer-reviewed journal article on advanced glycation end-products as a driver of insulin resistance. She became a LEAP therapist in 2014 and completed the certificate of training in Adult Weight Management in 2009 and the advanced certificate in adult weight management in 2012. She began training in Functional Nutrition with Susan in early 2013 in one of her first advanced training cohorts. She also attended the IFM functional nutrition course followed by their 5-day AFMCP functional medicine introduction.

While completing her MS, starting up a private practice and learning functional medicine, she consulted at an award-winning Alzheimer’s and Memory-Care assisted living facility for 8 years. Hearing Dale Bredesen speak at an IFM grand rounds of Alzheimer’s reversal successes, she trained with the first group of 50 practitioners with Dale at Buck Institute. She completed the IFM certification program and became an IFMCP in 2018 and a ReCode 2.0 Bredesen practitioner in 2022.

She has taught functional medicine lifestyle and cooking classes through her local community education and taught as an adjunct at EMU. Her Essential Balance Nutrition private practice took its first client in 2016 and went full time in 2019. Her special interests are gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmunity, neurodegenerative diseases and mood disregulation.