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Functional Nutrition Case Studies

Online Monthly Interactive Case Study Series
6 two-hour sessions, 12 hours total!

  • Do you ever get those patients who just get stuck, and you feel like you’re out of answers?
  • You might just be starting to apply Functional Nutrition in practice, and you want to do your best, but you’re not always sure where to begin.
  • Maybe you’re a seasoned practitioner, but not sure if you’re covering all the bases on some of those really complicated cases. It can get overwhelming!


Let’s face it, Functional Nutrition is complex, and it takes time. Assessment of especially new cases can take hours depending on the history, presentation, and the amount of lab work to review. There’s just so much to remember and you want to do this right!

How would you like to become more efficient at the process, so you have more time to do other important things. Just because you want to specialize in Functional Nutrition doesn’t mean it should have to hijack your precious time! It does eventually get easier and less time-consuming but who wants to wait, right? Yes indeed, you get there a lot sooner and we can help!   


Discover How to Fast-Track Case Workup Efficiency and Get Your Valuable Time Back! 


As you strive to practice Integrative and Functional Nutrition Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) at the highest level, it’s crucial to bring your knowledge full circle into application. You may already use this specialty in practice, but hey, who doesn’t want more ideas and practice in case work? This highly interactive online series provides a unique and valuable case assessment and management experience sure to boost your skills and confidence using IFMNT in practice!

Each session offers 2 hours of content – Series total: 12 hours for Dietitians! (Others should inquire with their credentialing board).

Series meets Fridays 12-2 PM (Eastern) Jun 2024 – Nov 2024
Session Dates: 6/21, 7/19, 8/16, 9/20, 10/18, and 11/15
All sessions also recorded with 6 months review

These are real patient cases – each class offers a new case, 6 in total. Cases cover a variety of health conditions across different patient populations to ensure the learner has a well-rounded experience. All case information is delivered several days in advance giving you ample time to roll up your sleeves and get to work preparing for the fun and interactive experience in class. 

Excerpts From a Recent Session

So much fun putting on the detective hat to bring a case altogether!

Series meets Mondays 7:30-9:30 PM (Eastern)
Scheduled Session Dates (subject to change): 7/25, 8/22, 9/19, 10/17, 11/14, and 12/12

Who is This Series For?

This series is open to all who can practice medical nutrition therapy in the state(s) in which they work (subject to licensure laws).

This series is for you if you want…

  • A huge confidence boost
  • More ideas of how to apply the deep aspects of Functional Medicine
  • More practice with lab interpretation
  • More application of genomic data
  • More experience putting all the pieces together for a comprehensive assessment
  • More Ideas for targeted support in various health conditions

It is highly recommended you have had at least some training in Functional Nutrition to gain the most benefit from this series. We aren’t teaching the “what”, we’re teaching the “how to”. Whether you are currently in or have completed NLFN training, or Functional Nutrition training elsewhere, you qualify to enroll. We can’t emphasize enough – you DO NOT have to have completed your Functional Nutrition training before studying case work. In fact, it’s best as you’re learning to see how it is applied!

Why Now?

You’ve been on a long journey to learn Functional Nutrition. You’ve invested a lot! You’ve got a massive amount of information spinning around in your head and you need it to all come together. You know Functional Nutrition can be complex because it often accounts for a myriad of interconnections between biological systems, along with symptoms, history, and genomic influences.

You don’t want to get this far and not feel comfortable putting it into practice most effectively. It’s all about patient outcomes. The more success you have helping people, especially in those tough cases, the more referrals you’ll get. That’s a big boost in income potential and who doesn’t want that?

So yes, now is the time to apply the “book learning”. You want to know how this is done in real life, and it’s okay to ask for help to be sure you’re doing it right. Even if you’re already applying in practice, it’s always great to get new ideas in the valuable think-tank format!

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For each case, we will review/discuss:

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Early Bird expires June 25!
  • Assessment tools, including intake form, history/timeline, signs/symptoms
  • Lab Interpretation (regular blood at a minimum, and functional labs as they are available
  • Overall discovery impressions (The assessment with all connections)
Take Advantage of Early-Bird Pricing Now!
Early Bird expires June 25!
  • Detailed treatment/support including diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  • Recommendations for future discovery/intervention
Take Advantage of Early-Bird Pricing Now!
Early Bird expires June 25!

And don’t worry, even though this is an interactive experience (so great for learning), we never put anyone on the spot. We offer a safe and stress fee learning environment! You volunteer input as you feel comfortable. You can simply choose to make this an observational experience, or you can dive in and give it all you’ve got!

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Early Bird expires June 25!

How Does it Work?

All sessions led by Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, LDN, FMNS, a pioneer in Functional Nutrition with 6-figure success in several different practice settings spanning a career of over 30 years! In each session, Susan welcomes a special co-presenter who brings their real patient case to the table for review. Together with class input and Susan’s expert guidance, you’re sure to have a most valuable learning adventure!

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Also included:

  • Private training Facebook group page for class participants to network and for additional Q & A between sessions


Note: A minimum of one 6-session Case Studies series is required for FMNS credentialing. But, to gain the most confidence, most practitioners want 2, 3, or even 4 series to gain the maximum amount of confidence in applying IFMNT! 

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