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Functional Nutrition Perspectives on Gut Health

Professional Online Training
with Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, LDN, FMNS

June 6th – October 10th, 2024
Thursdays 3:00 – 5:00 PM ET
37 hours (16, 2-hr interactive webinars)
Bonus: Private Training Discussion Forum

We’ve Got All the Science and Real-life Applications

You Need to Radically Uplevel Your Practice!

Gut health may be the most talked-about topic in the nutrition space today – and for good reason!

The gastrointestinal system is interconnected with the entire human body. So much of what happens in the gut impacts the rest of the body. Indeed, the gut is the very core of health; in some cultures, it’s even called “the honored middle”. No matter what health outcome you desire, it’s a sure bet the gut must be functioning properly to achieve the desired outcomes. 

  • There are 60-70 million people in the US who are affected by digestive disorders.
  • Many are struggling with the conventional drug-heavy symptom-control approach.
  • Up to 80% of those with irritable bowel have SIBO, yet it continues to be an underdiagnosed (and undertreated) condition.
  • PPIs are one of the top 4 overprescribed GI medicines despite their increased risk of gastric neoplasia, kidney disease, dementia, liver disease, and fractures.
  • Commonly overprescribed antibiotics disrupt the microbiome and increase our risk of acute and chronic diseases, including malnutrition.

Uncover the root causes of their gut dysfunction and become the hero for even your most challenged patients!

From digestive disorders and intestinal dysbiosis to intestinal permeability and allergens, gut dysfunction compromises a patient’s health and diminishes vitality. It makes sense, then why it’s often the first place to start improving overall health. While this is a nutrition-focused course, it’s definitely more than simply recommending more fiber and probiotic-containing foods.

This advanced course will supply you with the background, insight, and in-depth clinical thinking to confidently assess and treat patients who may present with conditions, signs, and symptoms indicative of gastrointestinal dysfunction and microbiome imbalance. We will discuss in detail the important laboratory evaluations often utilized by functional practitioners, the appropriate clinical connections, and effective evidence-based diet and natural support approaches you’ll need to help your clients regain optimal health and vitality.

This Gut Health Course Is For You If…

  • You qualify to give medical nutrition therapy and you want to specialize in a growing niche.
  • You work with clients with digestive issues or autoimmune conditions, including IBS, SIBO, Celiac disease, or Crohn’s.
  • You want to holistically address your or a loved one’s gut issues.
  • You want to optimize the physical, mental, and emotional health of those you work with.

Get Ready to Cover Some Major Ground…

    • Dyspepsia and other Chronic Digestive Dysfunction
    • Gallbladder Health/Malabsorption issues
    • Intestinal Hyperpermeability/Leaky Gut
    • Celiac, Gluten/Wheat, and other Food Sensitivities
    • The Gut-Brain Axis
      The Gut-Mitochondria Connection
    • Microbiome health
    • Dysbiosis w/ a Special Focus on SIBO
    • Functional Medicine GI Testing/Interpretation
    • Therapeutic Diets: FODMAP, Elemental, SCD, GAPs Diet, Elimination Diets, GF/CF, and more
    • Probiotics, and other Natural Support options for Digestion/elimination, Gut Healing and Microbiome Optimization
    • Applied Learning through Case Studies


By the end, you’ll have vast comprehensive knowledge that prepares you to handle anything that comes your way!

Learn the Functional Medicine approach and make a difference like never before! 

Functional medicine is characterized as a patient-focused and systems biology-driven approach to managing chronic illnesses by identifying and addressing their root causes. This method involves pinpointing the fundamental causes of chronic conditions and adopting a comprehensive treatment strategy that not only addresses these root issues but also encourages patients to adopt lifestyle modifications that restore balance and enhance overall health.

Within the realm of functional medicine, gut health is understood as the equilibrium and efficient operation of the gastrointestinal system. This encompasses the health of the gut lining, the diversity and richness of beneficial gut flora, and the efficiency of the body’s digestive, absorptive, and eliminative functions. The aim is to enhance gut health because of its pivotal role in influencing overall wellness, including impacts on immune and hormonal functions, and even cognitive health.

Become a gut health expert so you can help your clients break free from the never-ending cycle of debilitating symptoms and drug therapies that don’t even always work.

Here’s the Nitty-Gritty

No boring, outdated pre-recorded content – this is live training folks!
That means interaction to keep you better engaged, the latest research, and even pop quizzes with prizes!
Q & A happens right on the spot when it’s most applicable to your learning.

All sessions are also recorded for review and in case you miss a live session
Recording access is available for a full 9 months. All slides and handouts are yours to keep permanently!
In at least 37 hours of content, you’ll receive…
Over 1100 slides covering hot-off-the-press content! 
At least 80 handouts!

A 38-page document containing all references from the extensive slides – that’s a lot of research!

…so you’ll have an ongoing resource you can access anytime anywhere!

Course Objectives:

After completion of this training, learners will be able to:

  • Evaluate the relationship between systemic disease and gastrointestinal dysfunction
  • Recognize and support the most important triggers of gastrointestinal dysfunction
  • Identify the most important and reliable laboratory evaluations associated with microbiome imbalance and gastrointestinal dysfunction
  • Develop and organize individual treatment protocols using lifestyle, diet, nutraceuticals, and botanicals
  • Review and be able to implement therapeutic diets to support gut and overall health

Functional Medicine focuses on prevention and support through root-cause foundational imbalances. Nutrition is the very cornerstone!

Your Presenter: Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, LDN, FMNS

Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, LDN, FMNS

Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, LDN, FMNS

Founder & Mentor, Next Level Functional Nutrition

Thirty years ago my mentor in the field of Functional Medicine helped me realize there was more to nutrition than I learned in my conventional training. Enticed, this led me down an exciting path of discovery that transformed me, both personally and professionally. I hear often from my clients, “No one else has ever told me this” and “I feel better than I have in years!”

Enthralled with my 6-figure success and sky-rocketing career growth using IFMNT, I realized I just had to share this with my peers. This vision is what birthed my own mentor program almost 20 years ago, which eventually grew into the international training initiative Next Level Functional Nutrition, where noted experts join me in influencing thousands to incorporate IFMNT into practice.

My mission is to see nutrition considered the very cornerstone of health and to have my colleagues experience no less than the level of respect and success they so deserve, yet often struggle to have. I truly believe IFMNT is the key!

I am proud to be considered one of the pioneers in our global healthcare transformation. I’ve got a proven track record as an award-winning author, speaker, and sought-out consultant at several leading Functional Medicine centers in the US. Join me on this amazing journey and see for yourself how much more you can grow and make a difference in helping others!

You Can Help Where It’s Desperately Needed!

True Story… 

A 47 year old female patient came with a primary complaint of mucus and blood in her stool. This was a recurring issue over a significant amount of time. She was previously diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and often prescribed corticosteroid medication. Although the medication did help with the symptoms, the pain quickly returned when she stopped taking it. This was a cycle she was hoping to break. 

Discussion was directed to looking a little deeper for the underlying cause of her GI issues to which she agreed. A functional medicine GI stool test found two pathogens, Morganella moranii and Staph aureus. She also had elevated lactoferrin, elevated C-reactive protein and an elevated Sed rate.

Lactoferrin, an iron-binding glycoprotein, is released in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) but not necessarily in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). High levels are also found in Crohn’s, UC or infection.  

Based on the results the following recommendations were given:  

  1. Botanical bacterial treatment: Caprylic acid, Berberine (Goldenseal), Oil of Thyme, Oregano, Cats Claw, Black Walnut, Undecylenic acid 
  2. Probiotics (Bifidobacterium dominant) 
  3. Grain and dairy-free anti-inflammatory diet for 90 days

Within 30 days the patient was pain free and had no blood or mucus in her stools. This was accomplished without corticosteroid medication. Upon 90 days retesting, everything was normal. No pathogens. 

She followed up again after six months with no return of her symptoms. Needless to say, she was quite elated to have her life back!

Have this Kind of Success with Your Patients Too! 

Imagine helping people with debilitating fatigue, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, and even their mood issues, all by fixing their gut, so they can get back to enjoying life again! 

Or, helping folks with chronic GI symptoms who’ve been slaves to meds like antacids or miralax for years (who still even have symptoms) find answers to break free of the medicine train and feel better than ever! 

Praise For Our Course

Loved It!

This was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. I highly recommend it for all RDNs. I loved that the content was so comprehensive – way more than I ever learned in school! I can already think of so many patients where I can apply this learning – I’m excited to put it into practice!

Jamie L – RDN

This Will Make A Huge Difference!

Wow – I never knew there was this much to know about gut health and that I could have such a powerful role in helping my clients. Now that I realize gut disorders and microbiome imbalance are common root causes of chronic disease, this will make a huge difference in how I run my practice. I want to do GI testing on everyone!

Sarah G – MS, CNS

Best Class Ever!

I am totally learning so much here at NLFN. This Gut health course was my favorite! I have so many more tools in my toolbox now that I have better awareness and understanding of Functional Medicine gut testing and support protocol options. I am already using with clients and my practice is growing with more referrals!

Joanna K – NP

Let’s Get On Top Of This! 

If you want to stand out in a crowded field, and truly help everyone that comes your way, you can’t afford to lack knowledge when it comes to your client’s gut health.

I bring my 30 years of learning, clinical experience, and passion for helping others to this advanced training so you can gain the confidence and skills it takes to be the most effective and successful you’ve ever been!

Functional Nutrition Perspectives on Gut Health

Professional Online Continuing Education

With Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, LDN, FMNS
June 6th – October 10th, 2024
Thursdays 3:00 – 5:00 PM ET
37 hours (16, 2-hr interactive webinars)
Bonus: Private Training Discussion Forum 

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