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This course is open to Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists with a nutrition degree, or any other healthcare clinicians with nutrition in their scope of practice (MD, DO, DC, NPs, NDs, etc)

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Introduction to Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT)

6-Session Series

10 CPEs for RDNs! (Others should inquire with their credentialing board)

Next Series Coming Fall 2021!
Class meets from 7:45-9:30 PM ET

This course is a pre-requisite for IFMNT Certificate of Training Modules

Those with similar previous training may qualify to skip this course – please inquire


Offering the basics of IFMNT, the Introductory series is a comfortable but deep immersion. No quizzes/tests; no pressure – just a get-your-feet-wet experience to see what it’s all about and best prepare for the IFMNT Certificate of Training that follows. While this series is optional for those with previous training or experience, we highly recommend anyone not already practicing IFMNT start with a sound introduction, so nothing is missed! Get the basics just to incorporate a bit of IFMNT into your existing practice or let this be the beginning of an exciting journey that will expand your career to new heights – guaranteed!

What’s covered in this course…

Functional Nutrition (FN) overview

How are clients assessed differently?

How is it more effective?

Food as medicine approach

FN on Inflammation

As a root of Chronic disease

Anti-inflammatory diet

FN on Gastrointestinal health

The importance of the Microbiome

Food intake is only the beginning – the rest is digestion and absorption

Toxicity Awareness

What represents oxidative stress

Toxin burden awareness

How to detox your environment

Dietary Supplements:

Why might we need them?

Quality issues

Recommending a multi-vitamin – there’s more to it than you think!