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Master Methylation and utilize the systems biology and root-cause analysis approach that provides dramatic results. 

Expand your toolbox with a strong genomic understanding and targeted diet, herbal, and nutritional supplements support strategies.

Explore evidence-based complementary therapies that can make a difference!

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Let’s face it…

Anytime we help patients, no matter what their health issues, Methylation defects are potentially at the core of the problem!

The Methyl Cycle is the backbone of our physiology. Its functional status determines our susceptibility to environmental toxins, hormone balance, cardiometabolic health, stress resistance and so much more!

Methylation is a confusing array of biochemistry, but suffice it to say, a defect at any one point in these interlocking cycles will inevitably affect the remaining pathways, and your overall health will then suffer. The problem is we’re conventionally trained to support the condition/diagnosis, not the underlying biochemical dysfunction!

Among diet, environmental and lifestyle influences, genetics can be the culprit in methylation dysfunction. While we cannot change our DNA, if we know the weak links we can create “nutritional workarounds” – we can supplement alternative pathways or withhold from your diet molecules that work against us.

If we don’t address the Methyl Cycle abnormalities that underlie unexplained or chronic illness – well then, the illnesses will remain chronic and unexplained, because it is the Methyl Cycle Abnormalities that predisposed us to ill health.

Are you feeling overwhelmed keeping up with the many nutritional and epigenetic influences on methylation?
Does complex biochemistry make you dizzy?
Can you confidently put all of this into practice?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

…is to join me in this training intensive where I’ll provide a framework of organization for solid understanding so you can make friends with the biochemistry of methylation once and for all!

Imagine cutting the overwhelm and truly mastering the interconnections and functions of all the related biochemical pathways and the genomic influences on methylation so you’ll finally have the highest level of confidence knowing your recommendations are truly personalized to each client!

Turn Confusion into Confidence!

Obtain The Knowledge And Skills To Effectively Identify, Assess, And Navigate Methylation Dysfunction In Your Patients

Methylation: The Big Picture

  • Learn what methylation is and why it matters for your patients
  • Identify they key factors behind methylation disturbances
  • Discover which conditions might have impaired methylation at their root

Biochemistry of Methylation

  • Master the folate pathway as it relates to clinical presentation
  • Navigate the methionine pathway and its alternate routes to generate methyl donors
  • Gain understanding of transsulfuration optimization

Further Biochemistry: the Nutrient Connection

  • Explore the interdependence of related cycles in the methylation pathway
  • Recognize key enzymes that drive function
  • Identify supportive nutritional co-factors (vitamins, minerals and amino acids)

Genetics in Methylation

  • Investigate genetic influence on methylation
  • Identify genetic polymorphisms (SNPs) that can influence function
  • Explore consideration for regulation of epigenetic expression

Key Functions

  • Analyze the biochemistry and physiological role of glutathione and how it’s regulated
  • Examine important connections to phospholipids and metalloproteins
  • Connect methylation to cellular energy metabolism (CoQ10, Carnitine and ATP)

Key Functions cont’d.

  • Explore methylation’s role in neurotransmitter balance; behavior and mood
  • Explain the influence of methylation in estrogen metabolism
  • Discover methylation’s role in histamine metabolism

Analysis & Protocols

  • Examine the concept of over and under-methylation
  • Interpret functional biomarkers of methylation
  • Integrate therapeutic strategies including diet, supplements and lifestyle intervention

See What Your Colleagues Have to Say…

Susan, for me the methylation pathway during school just wasn’t relatable to anything beyond actual biochemistry. They never made it relevant for the practice of nutrition. I’m not sure I ever really understood it the way I do now after taking your class.

Being able to tie it into a practical application with very specific patient recommendations was incredibly helpful.  Also, seeing how it linked to genetics (not just MTHFR) was huge! Finally, the real why behind the need for nutrients; not just from a dietary deficiency standpoint, but for deep down cellular heath – the root of it all!

I also really liked how you showed us the pathways over and over in different ways and how thoroughly you explained them. Now it all
makes sense and I see just how vital this is to know.  I’m looking forward to taking this class again, in fact – it was that good!

                                                                                                                                                                       ….Kimberly Safi, RDN, CLT

Methylation is a fundamental biochemical process which impacts almost every process in the body.

It’s Time to Master Methylation!

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

This course is deeply steeped in science and is therefore open to healthcare professionals allowed to practice medical nutrition therapy in their region of practice. Dietetic Interns as well as students with evidence of being in a full-time 4-yr nutrition degree program with a clinical component also qualify. 

Your Instructor:

Award-winning 30-yr Functional Nutrition expert

and pioneer in the field,

Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, LDN, FMNS

(More about Susan here)

Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, CCN
Susan Allen-Evenson, RDN, LDN, FMNS

More Praise From Your Colleagues…

Kerry Mitchell RDN, LD, CLT

Susan teaches us what we thought we would be learning as a dietitian in school. She fills in the blanks of what is missing in our training and how we can truly be the nutrition expert through IFMNT.

Elizabeth Rose MMSc, RDN

I consider everything in this course crucial to know! The physiology section was above and beyond. Understanding this now as I do will truly help me choose the most targeted interventions for my clients. This goes deep and you feel overwhelmed at times but know it will all come together and make so much sense…

Kim McConnell, MS, RDN, LDN, CLT

This program has taken my knowledge base to a whole new level and has allowed me to add valuable new skills and tools to my practice. It has also opened up my eyes to the many areas that were missing using conventional medical nutrition therapy alone. It has recharged my batteries, renewed my spirit and…

Here’s The Truth

Our population is invested in health and disease prevention more than ever before. Many are looking past the conventional medical paradigm to a broader level of support offered in Functional Medicine which encompass nutrition, lifestyle, and complementary therapies. Without enough qualified clinicians trained in these modalities, the public is left to the internet and those less qualified for advice.

It’s time we expand beyond our conventional training to the fuller aspects of Integrative and Functional Care – that which addresses root-cause analysis and systems biology approaches that are more comprehensive and evidenced based – this to better support the health and wellness of those we serve!

Ultimately, the knowledge you will gain in this and other courses here at NLFN has the potential to raise you to the top-tier of practitioners with the highest ability to help your clients achieve success in reaching their health goals. With this, you’ll also have a proven model for amazing success and career satisfaction. It’s a win-win all around!

If you want to stand out from the crowd, and truly help everyone that comes your way, you can’t afford to lack knowledge in the deep aspects of Methylation!

Comprehensive 29-hour
Training Intensive

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