IFMNT Certificate of Training (COT) Course - 2020 Start:

(Recorded on Sat, Aug 8, 2020)

Note: Due to technical difficulties, only the first half recording is currently available.
We should have a recording for the second half by sometime this week.

IFMNT COT Module 1
Virtual Workshop (First Half)


Note: Entering COT assumes you’ve already completed (or are in process of completing) our IFMNT Intro Series. Remember, unless you’ve pre-qualified to opt out, the Intro Series is required for the FMNS certification.


Welcome to the Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) Certificate of Training (COT) Course through Next Level Functional Nutrition.

During the next 24 months participants will take a deep dive into the world of Functional Nutrition, identifying root causes of health problems and addressing strategies to support renewed health. This COT course begins with an in-depth coverage of the Nutrition Assessment process. Keeping with the comprehensive nature of this course, an array of topics are covered, including: Nutrients, Supplements, Cognition/Brain Health, Detoxification, Blood Chemistry Interpretation, Six Core Centers of Health, Gastrointestinal/Gut- Brain, CardioMetabolic, Thyroid, Adrenal/Mind-body, hoemones, Cancer, Autism spectrum, eating disorders, and more! Woven in amongst these topics are healthy threads of genomic application, therapeutic diets, and functional medicine labs. The case study sessions and virtual workshops of this course will provide the opportunity for practical experience and to apply individualized recommendations and strategies to each unique patient. This course culminates with an online exam and submission of a written case study.

Please post Questions between sessions and for any recorded webinars in our class forum.

Recording access:

All sessions recorded in case you miss live or if you just want to review again. Recording access is granted for the duration of the course, plus one additional year from registration. (We highly recommend you stay up to date on review!).


With little exception, course CPE is earned after passing of each self-study quiz and completing a brief learning assessment survey. Each module may contain multiple quizzes and CPE certificates.

The three pre-reading EBook links below are available for those who would like to review – this is optional reading (not mandatory).

Helpful Links: 

How to Print Slides: Download Here

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Functional Medicine Textbook: Download Here

Rise ebook: Download Here    

AAPI’s Nutrition Guide to Optimal Health: Download Here

Class Calendar: 7/28/2020

Course Modules

Module 1 Functional Nutrition Intake
Unit 1 Slides/Handouts/Recordings
Unit 2 Section 1 Quiz/CPE Access
Module 2 FN Focused Physical Exam
Unit 1 Slides/Handouts/Recordings
Unit 2 Section 2 Quiz/CPE Access
Module 3 Six Core Centers of Health
Unit 1 Part 1 Slides/Handouts/Recordings
Unit 2 Part 1 Quiz /CPE Access
Unit 3 Part 2 Slides/Handouts/Recordings
Unit 4 Part 2 Quiz /CPE Access

Access Coming Soon!