Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation Module Details

Module 2: Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation (25 CPEs)

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Recording access limited to 6 months from the day you register. All other course materials available for download to your permanent files. Certificate of Completion and CPE earned after passing self-study quizzes. Note: Full course bundle registrants receive full 3-yr access to this module! 


Course Covers:
Part 1: Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation
Part 2: Optimal Values Virtual Workshop
Part 3: Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Practicum

Note: While not mandatory, we highly recommend Module 1 be taken before or in conjunction with other modules.

Methodical assessment of standard blood test results through the functional nutrition lens helps uncover subtle imbalances, that when supported, help to ensure optimal health. Just because your labs are in the “normal range” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re optimal. It is important practitioners understand this process not typically included in conventional training, as it can represent a key aspect of the full Functional Nutrition process and help to ensure more successful case outcomes.

Blood chemistries are of unique value in helping to connect the dots in combination with physical signs and symptoms.

In Module 2, the functional medicine model will be applied in a unique way to the interpretation of conventional blood labs. Everything involved in lab work will be covered:

  • Lab ordering – various options
  • Patient prep for the blood draw – when to stop supplements, the importance of fasting, and more
  • Reference ranges – how they are derived and changed
  • Functional lab interpretation – Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood Count, coverage of an array of anemias, protein status, key interactions and relationship between various nutrients, and more

This module will provide new and unique skills to apply to your functional and integrative practice.


Module 2 contains:

  • Eight 2-hr Webinars
  • Bonus pre-recorded Blood Chemistry interpretation practicums
  • One 4-hr Virtual Workshop
  • 24 handouts, some ready to customize for your practice
  • 13 practice exercises to help you solidly your learning(optional)
  • Approximately 240 slides!

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