Become A Blood Detective And Identify Clues

For Root Cause Of Chronic Disease!

The Art of Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation

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Has this ever happened?

Have your clients been told their blood work shows nothing, yet they still feel unwell? Are they frustrated with being told it’s all in their head or that they just need to destress? Just because lab results are in the “normal range” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re optimal. This is a gray area many end up in. Too many are being told there’s nothing wrong – in Functional Medicine, we call them the “functionally Ill”. What’s worse, with today’s insurance billing mandates, Doctor’s hands are tied in ordering expanded testing that could give more answers!

How would you like to learn a proven system of deep bloodwork evaluation that leaves no stone unturned to find the hidden clues blood can tell you beyond that which is used to diagnose a disease state? Moreover, would you like to discover how you can get all the labs your patients really need, in many cases, even ordering yourself (for a fraction of the cost)?

You can get more labs than you ever thought, and gain more value from the results, especially as you look at them from a systems biology approach or the root-cause approach that is the key characteristic of the Functional Medicine model. Doctors aren’t conventionally taught to look at bloodwork this way, but you can be, and your clients will thank you!!

Bloodwork can provide evidence of underlying imbalances that are often influenced by nutrition; just what you need to better target your recommendations. By knowing how to view labs through the functional Nutrition lens, you’ll help your clients achieve better health outcomes and vibrancy!

Study at your own pace with 6 month on-demand access. All course slides and handouts may be downloaded to your permanent files before access ends on November 30th, 2023

Course Covers:

Part 1: Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation: Overview covers lab ordering options as well
Part 2: Optimal Values Virtual Workshop
Part 3: Become the blood detective: Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Practicum Sessions

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will be able to….

1: Compare and contrast the differences between functional lab ranges and standard lab ranges
2: List the general categories included in the Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP), as well as all tests included in this panel
3: Analyze the CMP to interpret key relationships between tests
4: Identify all tests and test patterns included in the Complete Blood Count (CBC)
5: Classify and interpret White Blood Cell (WBC) lab results
6. Discover shortcomings of the standard lipid panel
7: Evaluate lab results to differentiate between anemia types
8: Interpret thyroid labs from the functional perspective
9. Identify key markers suggesting oxidative stress, inflammation, and protein balance
10. Recognize the significance of acute phase reactant and immunoglobulin biomarkers

In combination with the assessment of physical signs and symptoms, blood chemistries are of unique value in helping clinicians connect the dots and get answers!

This Training Provides:

  • 11 hours webinars packed with content
  • Bonus blood chemistry interpretation practicums
  • 5 hours of Optimal Values Workshopping
  • 10 handouts, some ready to customize for your practice
  • 13 practice exercises to help you solidly your learning (optional)
  • Over 700 slides!
  • 30 hours of content

In this module, the functional medicine model will be applied in a unique way to the interpretation of conventional blood labs. Everything involved in lab work will be covered:

  • Lab ordering – various options (in many states patients can even order their own labs!)
  • Patient prep for the blood draw – when to stop supplements, the importance of fasting, and more
  • Reference ranges – how they are derived and how they underserve the clinician’s deepest assessment of their patients. Deep discussion on the concept of optimal values and how they better serve to fully assess and guide the treatment process. 
  • Functional lab interpretation – detailed coverage of each biomarker in the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood Count, along with coverage of an array of anemias, protein status, key interactions and relationship between various nutrients, and more

Set yourself apart by acquiring the vital skill of Blood Chemistry interpretation to advance any clinical practice, especially your Integrative and Functional practice!

Your Instructor:

30-yr Functional Nutrition expert

and pioneer in the field,

Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, CCN, FMNS

(More about Susan here)

Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, CCN, FMNS
This training is for you if you want to know how to….
  • Interpret Labs from an optimal-level viewpoint.
  • Order bloodwork for your clients through lab distributors (at a fraction of insurance billed costs) when your clients can’t otherwise obtain from their doctor. (at least in most states)
  • Match symptoms to lab biomarkers
  • Adjust your interpretation for circumstances like non-fasting and altitude
  • How to leverage blood tests to support your clients in the best place for prevention
  • Discern the underlying root causes of abnormal blood biomarkers.
  • Discern when and why you’re requesting/ordering specific biomarkers
  • All the variables that can skew lab results
  • Get familiar with biomarker groupings that are indicative of subclinical issues underlying health concerns
  • Identify a possible zinc insufficiency without an actual blood zinc level. 
  • Have a clue about vitamin B6 status from standard CMP & CBC panels.
  • Have a window into your client’s oxidative stress level without specialty (and costly) Functional Medicine labs. 
  • Identify when what looks like an iron deficiency anemia actually is not (and this one is super important because you never want to give iron to someone who doesn’t really need it!)
  • Know when someone needs more thyroid nutrition support even when their TSH lab results look normal. 
  • And there is so much more you can tell just from standard bloodwork – just think how much more effective your patient support will be! 
Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation

32-hr Training Intensive

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Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation


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