The Functional Nutrition Intake:

Discover root-cause assessment parameters that lead to more targeted recommendations, better outcomes, and more client visits!

21.25 hours – recently recorded from live training. Recording access expires after 6 months of access. Note: these recorded options do NOT provide pre-approved CPE

Learn How to Perform A Functional Nutrition Intake as a Gateway Into Your Premium Service Package! 

Once They Know What You Uncover and How Deep Your Support Goes, You’ll Have More Long-Term Clients And All their Referrals! 

Course Overview

Do you ever feel like something is missing when working with your clients? They’ve begun to make changes and are seeing some results but they’re still struggling to meet their health goals or to see the full resolution of their symptoms you and they expected.

Maybe you’ve missed something! Our traditional model allows little time for a thorough, all-encompassing assessment. Much like conventional medicine, we often focus on the diagnosis, rather than working from the whole-person perspective. Determining nutritional status is often limited to food intake assessment, and that which we can tell from standard blood lab results. We sometimes do a nutrition physical (or not), and we ask general lifestyle and health history questions, but is that enough? Functional Medicine/Nutrition practitioners say, no! 

Even Better

Nail this deeper assessment process and you’ll have a springboard opportunity to advance your clients into premium-level services!

It’s true – many simply underestimate the depth of interconnections that underly their health challenges. Once you discover all the pieces needed to put the puzzle back together, you can relay the importance of further discovery and the value of your personalized recommendations that lead them to results!

If that sounds like more services and visits – it is! But now your clients understand the need for that premium service package – in other words, your deep assessment does the selling for you! 


Go Deeper with the Functional Nutrition Assessment! 

The Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) approach looks at core imbalances in key body systems that underlie symptoms and oftentimes represent the root of chronic health conditions. It goes much further than the assessment of nutritional intake. Nutritional status is dependent, not just on what you eat but also on how you digest and assimilate the food, and on what determinants there may be that increase our nutrient needs above normal.

The IFMNT assessment dives deep leaving no stone unturned! The unique makeup of each patient is considered, along with both internal (mind-body, physiologic imbalances, and stress response) and external (physical, social, and environmental factors that affect optimal function and overall health and vitality. Genetic influences are also key to a deep understanding of each client. Together, all of these factors contribute to your most personalized recommendations that help to ensure the most successful outcomes in even your most challenging cases.  

Functional Medicine focuses on prevention and support through root-cause foundational imbalances. Nutrition is the very cornerstone of influence and support!

This Course Covers:

Part 1: Nutrigenomics 101
Part 2: The Nutrition-Focused Physical
Part 3: The Functional Nutrition Intake Process
Part 4: The FN Intake Questionnaire Virtual Practicum

BONUS: A window into the full Functional Nutrition case work-up with a real patient case study! 

We’ll detail all categories addressed in a thorough Functional Nutrition Assessment…:

  • Past medical/dental and pertinent situational  history including injuries and traumas (as far back as prenatal)
  • Dietary intake and exercise/movement 
  • Social/emotional  influences
  • Medications, supplements, and/or botanicals (past and present)
  • Current Signs/Symptoms assessment
  • Oral Health
  • Environmental/chemical toxic exposure assessment
  • Digestive/gut health issues
  • Hormone imbalance issues
  • Lifestyle balance and stress-management 
  • Toxic burden
  • Readiness for change
  • And much more!

Along with a comprehensive and detailed history, signs/symptoms assessment, and a careful Functional Nutrition focused physical exam, clinicians begin the deep detective work that not only uncovers the patient’s story and establishes a patient-centered experience, but also helps uncover the underlying issues that allows the patient to reach their current health status for which they seek assistance with.



Use the Functional Medicine “System’s Biology” Approach to Gain More Tools in Your Toolbox and the Skills it Takes to Impact Your Client’s Health More Than Ever Before!



Your Root-Cause Assessment is Where it All Begins!

If you’re just starting in Functional Nutrition, this assessment training is a good place to start, as it represents the beginning of a meaningful journey to a new level of practice, empowering you with a greatly expanded knowledge base, skill set, and toolbox to become the most effective practitioner you have ever been. 

If you haven’t already taken it, we highly recommend the Balance Blueprint training as a compliment to this course. Recording access to this recently presented course is now available, and will surely round out your understanding of the root-cause analysis process, foundational to the Functional Nutrition process.

Course Objectives: 

  1. List several key areas included in an IFMNT assessment and explain their relevance
  2. Conduct an IFMNT Assessment through an expanded questionnaire, patient story timeline, symptom checklist, and patient interview.
  3. Explain the value of identifying a patient’s potential genetic influence on key aspects of their health

This Training Includes:

  • Four 2-hour webinars exploring the Functional Nutrition root-cause focused intake process, with a guided tour through my 12-page new patient questionnaire (you’ll get this form to customize as your own!)
  • 3.5-hr Special Focus: Nutrigenomics 101 (Special Guest Instructor)
  • 2-Hr Special Focus: The Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam (Special Guest instructor)
  • 4-hr FN nutrition assessment Intake practicum workshop (may be given as 2 two-hour sessions)
  • Two more assessment walk through step-by-step examples
  • A 2-hour look ahead to the full application of Functional Nutrition: From Assessment to Support; A real patient Case Study
  • 43 handouts, some ready to customize for your practice
  • 9 practice exercises to help you solidly your learning (optional)
  • Over 300 slides!

The Functional Nutrition Intake:

Discover root-cause assessment parameters that lead to more targeted recommendations, better outcomes, and more client visits!

21.25 hours of content! Recording access expires after 6 months of access.

(Note: recorded training does not come with pre-approved CPE)

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