The FN Intake / Functional Nutrition Focused Physical Module Details

Module 1: Functional Nutrition Assessment  (20 CPEs)

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Live webinar attendance not mandatory – all sessions recorded. Recording access limited to 4 months from access date. All other course materials available for download to your permanent files. Certificate of Completion and CPE earned after passing of self-study quizzes.

Course Covers:

Part 1: The Functional Nutrition Intake
Part 2: The Functional Nutrition Focused Physical
Part 3: The Six Core Centers of Health

Note: While not mandatory, we highly recommend Module 1 be taken before or in conjunction with other modules.

The IFMNT approach looks at core imbalances in key body systems that underlie symptoms and are the root of chronic health conditions. The unique makeup of each patient is considered, along with both internal (mind-body) and external (physical and social environment) factors that affect total functioning.

Functional medicine focuses on prevention and support through nutrition, as its cornerstone. Categories addressed in the Functional Nutrition Assessment:

  • Diet / Therapeutic diets (Described throughout this training)
  • Exercise/movement (Module 6)
  • Laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques (Module 2)
  • Combinations of drugs and/or botanical medicines
  • Dietary and herbal supplements (Module 3)
  • Environmental toxic load and detoxification support (Module 5)
  • Lifestyle balance and stress-management techniques Module 7)

Along with comprehensive and detailed history, signs/symptoms, and a careful Functional Nutrition focused physical exam, clinicians begin the deep detective work that not only tells the patient’s story and establishes a patient-centered experience, but also helps uncover the underlying issues that allowed the patient to reach their current health status for which they seek assistance with.

Module 1 represents the beginning of a meaningful journey to a new level practice, empowering you with expanded knowledge, skill-set, toolbox to become the most effective practitioner you have ever been.

Module 1 contains:

  • Seven 2-hr Webinars
  • Bonus pre-recorded 3-hour FN Intake review
  • 4-hr FN nutrition assessment practicum workshop
  • 36 handouts, some ready to customize for your practice
  • 9 practice exercises to help you solidly your learning (optional)
  • Over 300 slides!

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