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Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT)
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The Most In-Depth Functional Nutrition

Certification Program There is Today!

Now Approaching 450 Hours with a Full 4-Year Access!

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Learn the Science and Practice of Personalized Nutrition
Get Breakthrough Results Even with Complex Cases!

Is This You?

  • Occasionally struggling to answer patients’ questions, especially in areas like dietary supplements, genetics, detox, and specialty labs and other things you didn’t learn much about in your traditional schooling?
  • Feeling like you need to fill in the gaps of your training?
  • Wanting more effective outcomes in complex cases?
  • Lost in the conversation with colleagues discussing Functional Medicine concepts?
  • Wishing you could make more money for what you do?
  • Longing for more schedule flexibility and free time in general (without a cut to your income)?
  • Tired of losing business to others less qualified?
  • Feeling less confident on your knowledge and clinical skills, especially as Integrative and Functional Medicine becomes more popular?
  • Dreaming of having a successful private practice but not sure where to begin?
  • Scattered with your functional nutrition knowledge since most of it has come in bits and pieces from webinars, summits, and list-servs?

If you can relate, then it’s time for a career upgrade! 

Personalized Nutrition is The Future!

It’s official – new research shows personalized nutrition is a field with great potential to address chronic disease and optimize human health and performance.

Gone are the days of a diet for a diagnosis. Today, it’s all about personalizing recommendations to each individual client.

Through the Functional Nutrition lens, differences in biochemical makeup, genetics, metabolism, and even one’s microbiome dictate health and vulnerability to disease. Everyone has their own response to diet, supplements, stress, and toxic exposures. Clinicians must be adequately trained in assessment and application in all these areas to most effectively and responsibly apply IFMNT in practice.

Functional Nutrition is a

“Systems Biology” Approach

It goes well under the diagnosis to the underlying causes; that’s where nutrition has a strong presence and important role in correcting imbalance to ultimately lead to optimal health.

IFMNT Can Be Applied in All these Conditions…

  • ADHD/Autism
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Cancer
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Cardiovascular
  • Cognitive Disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Disordered Eating
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Mast Cell Over-activation
  • Methylation Issues
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Mood Disorders
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Nutrient Deficiency
  • Pain
  • Pregnancy
  • Thyroid/Adrenal

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner with decades of experience…

…or a recently graduated student…

and whether you work in a clinical setting or have your own private practice…

You can catapult your career by incorporating my online IFMNT training at the deepest level!

Our Comprehensive Training Includes:

  • 12 Modules – approaching 450 hours of content!
  • Live & fully interactive training sessions (recordings are provided as a courtesy for review after live sessions)
  • PDF downloads of content-heavy slides
  • Customizable “done-for-you” patient handouts
  • Exclusive training Facebook group/networking forum
  • Case studies to reinforce practical application
  • “Grand-Rounds” clinical case practicum sessions
  • Group coaching sessions (10/year)
  • Self-study check-ins to keep you on track
  • Hefty tool kit packed with patient questionnaires, checklists, etc
  • Reference file library (literally thousands of citations by topic!)

Have you already had some Functional Nutrition training but feel like there’s more to learn? There probably is and you’ll get it here!

12 Modules Packed with Content!

Go ahead, shop around…
You won’t find deeper coverage of topics anywhere else! 


***Flip each picture below to see the module description***


The FN Intake Assessment (23.5 hrs)

The FN Intake Assessment (23.5 hrs)


Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation (30 hrs)

Functional Blood Chemistry Interpretation (30 hrs)


Micronutrients / Supplements w/Immune Focus (33 hrs)

Micronutrients / Supplements w/Immune Focus (33 hrs)


Gastrointestinal Health / Autoimmune (37 hours)

Gastrointestinal Health / Autoimmune (37 hours)


Toxic Burden / Detoxification w/Biotoxin focus (62 hrs)

Toxic Burden / Detoxification w/Biotoxin focus (62 hrs)


Metabolic Disorders / Thyroid (39 hrs)

Metabolic Disorders / Thyroid (39 hrs)

older woman with fan

Hormone Health (25 hrs)

Hormone Health (25 hrs)


Cognition/Brain/ADHD/Autism (34 hrs)

Cognition/Brain/ADHD/Autism (34 hrs)


Cancer Prevention and Support (20 hrs)

Cancer Prevention and Support (20 hrs)


Adrenal, Eating and Mood Disorders (24 hrs)

Adrenal, Eating and Mood Disorders (24 hrs)


Advanced Functional Nutrition Labs (12 hrs)

Advanced Functional Nutrition Labs (12 hrs)


Histamine Intolerance / MCAS (20 hrs)

Histamine Intolerance / MCAS (20 hrs)

And Covered All Throughout

  • Genomic education and application
  • Nutritional biochemistry
  • Functional Medicine lab interpretation
  • Business/practice strategies
  • Susan’s “stories from the trenches”
  • Case studies

Learn how to match therapeutic diets to your client’s unique biochemistry…

  • Elimination / Allergen Free
  • Low Salicylate
  • Low Phenol
  • Low Amine
  • Low Histamine
  • Gluten Free – Casein Free
  • Ketogenic
  • Low Amine
  • Paleo
  • Candida
  • Low Glutamate
  • Low Oxalates

Flexibility is Key and We’ve Got it for You!

There are two training tracks (you get to choose)

• Full certificate of training – now approaching 450 hours, or…
• Individual topic modules – take the one you want or take them all!
After taking 1-3 individual modules, you’ll have the option to upgrade to the full training bundle with added bonuses! Limit 3 modules or 6 months to upgrade and receive full credit for your individual module registrations! 

Each module offers a flexible schedule: day and evening class times vary by module to ensure you obtain as much live and engaging webinar training as possible.

You’ll Get All You Need to Become a Functional Nutrition Expert!

  • More tools in your toolbox and the skills it takes to impact your patients’ health more than ever before
  • Expanded opportunity for practice with higher income potential that often comes with it
  • A deeper understanding of the root–cause system’s biology approach

When you know the science and application of Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) and have the tools and resources to help your clients get better results, you get a reputation as a go-to authority in your specific niche. 

Streamline your practice and improve patient compliance using targeted questionnaires, symptom lists, diet summaries, guides & client handouts, all included in our comprehensive training!

The knowledge and tools Susan has compiled for this training stem from her 30 years of real-life clients, research, and clinical success

The Information is Tried, Tested…and Very Functional!

So Much Support…

  • Module Objectives, takeaways, and self-study quizzes, all to help solidify your learning and give your confidence for the final exam
  • Practice-ready toolkit to organize your patient assessment and progress to help improve clinical outcomes.
  • Coaching Support:
    • Group coaching sessions (bring your practice questions, you case challenges, etc)
    • Private course Facebook networking forum
    • Email reminders and support

Become an NLFN Member and get even more support from a knowledgeable community of IFMNT Practitioners,
including hundreds of your professional colleagues. Bundle registrants receive a 1-yr complimentary Platinum level membership!

See What Others Are Saying

Alicia Galvin Smith, MED, RD, LD, CLT

“I was losing sight of the reason I became a dietitian in the first place. IFMNT training has revitalized my reason for going into nutrition: to use food and nutrients to prevent and ameliorate disease. And it works! Not only that, but Facebook is awesome – having the extra support to ask questions and bounce around ideas is fantastic!”

Ayla Barmmer, MS, RDN, LDN

“The IFMNT course has been career-changing for me. This training is so critical for any RD. I think that we are doing the public a disservice by not practicing in this way. I would encourage any RD to jump in to this course with your eyes wide open because you are going to be thoroughly trained in the field of functional nutrition and empowered to take your practice to the next level!”

Kim McConnell, MS, RDN, LDN, CLT

“This program has taken my knowledge base to a whole new level and has allowed me to add valuable new skills and tools to my practice. It has also opened up my eyes to the many areas that were missing using conventional medical nutrition therapy alone. It has recharged my batteries, renewed my spirit and given me new hope in helping patients, my family and myself regarding health and nutrition.”

E-learning at its best!

Most sessions are live interactive webinars

Recordings are provided as a courtesy for review after live sessions.

The way to grow your business or specialist practice is NOT by working more hours! It is NOT about working with more clients… It IS possible to grow your business AND get more time, more money and more freedom, IF you know how…

No need to reinvent the wheel – the hard work has already been done for you! It has taken Susan Allen the last 30 years: practicing clinically, reading hundreds of books and research papers, studying science and biochemistry, listening to medical doctors and researchers lecture, and creating the client tools to give Susan an amazing level of success in practice…all this to help you fast track to your own success!

Eager to share their wisdom with you, Susan’s carefully chosen industry expert guest instructors provide exclusive access to their strategies, trainings, and how-to’s just for YOU!
Susan remains the main educator for this training for program consistency and cohesiveness.

Amanda Archibald, RD

Dr. Yael Joffe, RD, PhD, FACN

Karen Wright, MS, CN

Lee Anne Walsh, RDN, CLT, CGP

Dale White LAc, M.S., D.N.B.A.O.

Margo Gasta, DCN, MS, RD, CCH

Diane Parks NP

Elizabeth (Liz) Rose MMSc, RDN

Susan Drake, M.S., R.D.

Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CNS

Steve Levy

Jan Patenaude, RDN, CLT

Kris Ball, RDN

Sarah Greenfield, RDN, CSSD

Amy Schleper, MS, RDN, LD, CDE

Lacey Hall, MS, RD

Kiran Krishnan

Functional Medicine doctors need confidence in the nutrition practitioners they hire or refer their patients to. The more deeply you’re trained in Functional Nutrition, the more you’ll have the lion’s share of opportunities!

There are too few practitioners who truly understand this depth of personalized nutrition guidance that it takes to get lasting results, especially in more complex cases.

Are you ready to invest in what it takes to be that much-needed expert?

One thing I know after practicing in this specialty niche for over 30 years – Functional Medicine Physicians today seek sharp nutrition professionals that know how to customize diet and nutritional support recommendations that provide maximum effectiveness for their patients. They didn’t’ have much (or any) nutrition in their schooling and they don’t have the time to learn it now – but they do know what the nutrition component should be at the root-cause level and they want nothing less than those most highly trained.

Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, CCN, FMNS

See What Others Are Saying

Kimberly M. Concra, LDA

“With Next Level Functional Nutrition and Susan’s experience and knowledge, I have learned without having to leave my home and with the support of other nutritionists whom also serve as mentors…even as they are learning, too.”

Mona Ottum, RD

“WOW! I’ve been a dietitian for 5 years, a chemical engineer for 33 years, and an avid gardener for most of my 55 years. It has been puzzling how to integrate my passion for growing food with my recent passion for IFMNT. This just rocks!

Paulette Weber RD, LD/N, CLT

My assessment skills have improved tremendously. The functional lab analysis has truly amazed me – this skill alone can transform an RD’s practice! I appreciate that the sessions are recorded. To me the biggest benefit is access to the Facebook group and Susan who has been available to answer questions about individual cases.”

Is this Program for you?

Next Level Functional Nutrition training is an advanced, “graduate” level training for professionals with existing professional healthcare qualification that make diet and nutrition recommendations in their business or healthcare practice

  • You are a healthcare professional or educator (Nutritionist /Dietician, Physician, Naturopath, Nurse practitioner, etc.) Sorry, due to the deep nutrition science basis of this training, health coaches, fitness trainers, and the like may not enroll. If you have a question on qualifications, please inquire here
  • You’re filling the gaps from your training in nutrition
  • You want to understand the deep “Systems Biology” approach so your focus is more on root-cause issues underlying chronic disease – the place where Functional Nutrition has so much power!
  • You want to better align nutrition strategy (diet, supplements, etc) to symptoms, knowing which protocol to use when and why
  • You want a deeper understanding of Lab interpretation – Functional Medicine labs as well as standard blood chemistry through the Functional Medicine Lens
  • You want to learn how to maximize the potential to bring genetics together with Functional Nutrition to truly personalize recommendation for each client you work with
  • You want a comprehensive program that ties together all the scattered Functional Nutrition learning you’ve had thus far, that then adds the missing pieces to ultimately provide a well-organized framework in which to practice most effectively.
  • You want to learn about Functional Nutrition form an accomplished Functional Nutritionist with vast experience over many years and in different settings; with proven effectiveness and success in this specialty.
  • You appreciate perspectives of different practitioners/educators, but you prefer the consistency and cohesiveness of learning from one main educator.
  • You want more than just book-learning; you want real life sharing of experience and practical application so you’re best prepared to work in any setting most successfully
  • You’ve tried pre-recorded training before (or even if you haven’t) and you know it’s not for you. You find it’s too easy to fall behind, it’s not engaging enough. You may be plenty excited to start but you never seem to finish, and that leaves you regretting the investment you made in time and well-earned money
  • You enjoy learning in a live session format where you can engage in the Q & A on the spot while it’s most applicable to learning; where you can hear the perspective of others in the program

Modules cycle through on an ongoing schedule. No need to wait – Modules can be taken in any order. Bundle registrants have a full 4 years to matriculate through the learning content.


Our new program structure allows you to begin when it’s right for you!

To explore program options and start the application process, please request to speak to one of our program specialists HERE! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Next Level Functional Nutrition training is an advanced, “graduate” level training for professionals with existing professional healthcare qualifications to make diet and nutrition recommendations in their place of business or healthcare practice.

This program is for those looking to learn or advance their Functional Nutrition knowledge to an expert level, gain more confidence in practice, and grow their business. A wide variety of practitioners have benefitted from this program including Dietitians/Nutritionists, MD/DOs, Naturopaths, Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, etc.

Sorry, due to the deep nutrition science basis of this training, health/nutrition/life coaches, fitness trainers, and nutritionists with less than a 4-year undergraduate nutrition degree or 2-year nutrition-related graduate degree may not enroll.

Note: Students in nutrition degree programs as noted here may enroll but will not be qualified for the FMNS credential until they have successfully graduated and are qualified to practice in their state of residence. Initial and subsequent semi-annual submission of proof of student status is required. Students who discontinue their educational program will no longer qualify and be dropped from our Next Level training program with no refunds given. Should student status be re-attained, admission into our program will once again be granted as long as it is still within the 4-year program access period.

If you have any questions on qualifications, please inquire here

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You teach other practitioners or are looking to do so in the near future. (College/University nutrition professors are not restricted from this training.)
  • You’re not committed to making time on a regular basis to spend on improving your craft.
  • You aren’t ready to invest in your growth.
  • You aren’t a positive, knowledge-seeking, heart-centered practitioner.

Yes! While the accredited provider program through the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) has been dissolved, Dietitians can always log continuing professional education that came from live professional training. Upon completion of a self-study quiz and a course evaluation at the end of each module, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that attests to the hours of training and serves as your proof of attendance. We also suggest you retain your receipt of purchase and any course outlines provided for your records to cover any CPE logging period. Note: Dietitians may not log pre-recorded modules, only live training courses (which is the bulk of our training here at NLFN). The occasional recording included in a live series counts as part of the live training as an opportunity for discussion is included.

Other practitioners should inquire with their credentialing boards about how to submit hours from this training. In most cases, this training will count at least in part as secondary continuing ed for other medical specialties.

Our training is completely online and all materials are included. Once registered, you’ll access your course portal through your account dashboard on our website. There are no additional books or materials that are required for our training, though we do provide several complimentary online resource texts with our training. Training content is delivered as modules are opened and the material is presented. All handouts and slides are downloadable to your permanent files. Recordings are accessed only online through your course portal; they are not downloadable. A benefit of being a full course bundle registrant is that you’ll have access to all course recordings throughout the full 4-year course access. Note: Individual module registrants only have limited short-term access to module content. (Typically 4-9 months depending on the Module)

We’ll be teaching the modules one by one, end to end until all are completed. Likewise, we have other classes in progress and their modules, as they come up, will be available to you as a full course bundle registrant as well. There is no established order to take learning modules, though those completely new to Functional Nutrition may want to give priority to reviewing the assessment module early on. You can choose to be flexible with the order you take modules based on your schedule availability, as long as you complete all modules within a 4-year time frame from the course commencement.  You’ll also be offered fast-track opportunities, in which you can take more than one topic at once allowing you the option to matriculate through the training at a faster pace if you choose. It’s all about flexibility! We strive to offer several choices for your learning journey so you can choose the pace that best fits.

We pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive evidence-based training available in Functional Nutrition there is today – approaching 450 hours of content! We feel there is no better way to be prepared and confident to practice most effectively and responsibly at the expert level (we often say, “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it!”). We’re pleased to allow much flexibility in program delivery and a very liberal program access of 4 years to complete the training. If you ever need a break – take it. Just ensure all modules are completed within 4 years. Then again, if you wish to take advantage of fast-track options by taking two or more subjects simultaneously, you can conceivably complete the training in a little over 2 years, depending on the timing of the fast-track offerings. In other words, you get to choose and do this whichever way suits you best!

Modules are taught one by one, end to end, until all are completed. In each module description, you’ll see the projected dates of offering. (If you don’t yet see this, it will be populated soon. Once a new series begins, participants get a projected course calendar as well. We say projected because live training is dynamic, especially for us as we are committed to continually updating to provide you with the highest quality of education possible. When the science changes, in our training, you’ll always know it right away!

To offer the most ability for folks to attend our sessions live, we’ll alternate days and times of module offerings. Even within the same module, content may be delivered in two different day and time slots. We realize we can’t make everyone happy all the time, but this way, you’ll likely have the chance of making at least some sessions live, no matter your work/family commitments otherwise. Again attending live or reviewing learning content via recordings after the fact is your choice.

Class sessions are typically 2 hours in length, though very occasionally we may offer a longer Saturday or weekend workshop for a focus topic. We may do this for a practicum session or for specific topics that do well to deliver in a concentrated time, such as SIBO or Histamine.

And yes, sessions are primarily delivered weekly, though there may be occasional weeks off for holidays, Susan’s conference travel (she’s always learning herself!), or simply to give you a breather.

Remember also, full course bundle registrants have the option to take any live module offered whether it’s in your class order or another series of training classes in progress. This is what creates the fast-track opportunities to matriculate through the training that gets you to the certification sooner. This is also what offers the opportunity to take a module over again if you choose, which some want to do to be sure they soak in all the information and solidify their learning. In some cases, it may be a busy time for you during one module and you aren’t able to entirely focus. Having the recordings available to review after the fact is helpful but many just do better with live training so when the module comes up again live, you’ll have that “do-over” opportunity (as long as it’s during your 4-year course access time). This is a benefit only for full course bundle registrants!

This is really based on the individual. We realize you are a professional, often working full-time. You also likely have family and personal commitments. We are here for your success! Unlike a college course, there is NO HOMEWORK HERE! Our slide content is comprehensive on purpose – so you don’t need to go off and do a bunch of additional research/reading. Of course, for any learning geeks out there, we’ll always offer additional learning links and recommended reading resources. But again, these are completely optional! In the end, all content you need to pass the final exam is contained in the slides given with the learning sessions. We’ll offer self-study quizzes along the way, but no pressure – these are for you to keep abreast of what you’re learning and to help you stay on pace (They’ll also serve as an excellent review for the final exam by the way!). The grades on your quizzes do not count towards your certification.

Bottom line – If you can spare on average say 3-5 hours a week, perhaps giving up a bit of TV time or social media scroll time, then you should be good. Some will want to dive in more extensively and take multiple module topics at once, and some will train in “chunks, taking advantage of recording availability to match their schedule availability and busier and less busy times of year. Either way, you’d be surprised how much free time most of us have in a day if it’s evaluated closely. As for total time to get through the program, that just depends on the pace you choose – again, you’ll have a full 4 years to complete all modules but if you take advantage of fast-track opportunities, you’ll be able to finish in a little over 2 years.

If you get behind, just be sure to set a schedule of catch-up with the recordings and you should be fine. Whatever you do, do not give up. Remember all the reasons you signed on in the first place. You won’t realize your goals if you don’t stay committed to the journey and we’re here to see you succeed! Contact us anytime along the way if you start to fall behind or even just get a bit overwhelmed with the material and we’ll help problem solve a solution.

Great question! Some think they can’t start practicing this specialty until they are certified, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Students and interns aside, you are already a credentialed professional to even qualify to be in our training. As such, you can simply add IFMNT concepts into your practice as you learn them, piece by piece, and as you feel comfortable.  You may not feel entirely confident in the beginning but we all have to start somewhere – know that confidence will come with experience!

If you’re brand new to practice, we recommend you get through at least the first few modules and at least review “The Balance Blueprint” foundational training. This way you have a good base to begin with. And remember, you have a lot of support here at NLFN! Some are already practicing Functional Nutrition when they enter into this training – ask for opinions and advice in our private training Facebook group and in our monthly coaching calls. If it’s a patient case specifically you’d like assistance with, we suggest you book a private mentor session – you have 3 Mentoring hours with Susan Allen directly – this is one of your complimentary bonuses!   

Once you’ve completed the entire suite of training modules, you’ll be eligible to apply for the certification to become a Functional Medicine Nutrition SpecialistTM(FMNS). (This is optional and there is a separate exam application fee). To apply, candidates must be qualified to practice in their state of residence and they must also be qualified to give medical nutrition advice in their practice.

Certification is obtained through a 2-step process which includes a final exam (multiple choice) and your submission of a case study showing assessment, application, and outcome of the IFMNT process.  The exam questions will come directly from content in the slide presentations from the modules – no additional resources are needed. An optional exam review course will be available. Further still, the self-study quizzes given with each module will also serve as a study guide for the final exam.  The case study write-up will follow a template provided – you’ll simply fill in the required information regarding the case. Our goal is for you to be successful! After all your time and investment in the training, we aren’t here to trip you up with the exam process. We’ll even offer multiple attempts for you to pass and get the certification you’ll then deserve! Certified practitioners will be listed in our practitioner referral listing page (currently in development).

The certification will expire after 5 years, at which point you’ll apply for renewal by submitting proof of 75 continuing education hours specific to clinical IFMNT (renewal fee applies). Note: continual NLFN membership is highly suggested to keep you current and immersed in our community of highest-level specialty practitioners. Upon successful completion of the IFMNT certification or certification renewal process, you’ll earn a complimentary year of NLFN membership at the platinum level!

There are many things that set up apart! Here are a few key components

  • We’ve had many trained in conventional dietetics and even functional medicine who come to realize there’s more functional nutrition they wish they had had. They then take our program to fill in the gaps and in fact, most are very surprised to find just how much more there is to know about the deep application of Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy that can really make a difference in patient outcomes and the success of your practice!
  • Ours is not a program primarily focused on diets (though we cover thoroughly), but instead, we dive deeply into all aspects of Functional Medicine including the deep functional assessment and root cause analysis that successful functional practitioners need to know. Blood chemistry and specialty functional lab Interpretation is a major focus in our training, as is also nutritional biochemistry, but unlike in college, this time it’s made practical and application friendly! We also emphasize the incorporation of genetic testing and nutritional genomics to Functional Nutrition practice and as such, include coverage in most all of our modules.
  • We are by your side, every step of the way throughout this training answering all questions that you have, helping you work through the nuances of cases, or providing strategy for your business. This isn’t just book learning – it’s personal mentoring, practical application, real-life experience sharing,z and practice-building strategies for success. THIS is the value you want and deserve for your investment.
  • As a very successful Functional Nutrition practitioner for over 30 years, Susan Allen shares her clinical and business/marketing expertise directly with you. It makes sense that an award-winning and accomplished Dietitian/Nutritionist be the primary instructor for nutrition training. Further still, while Susan has several expert guest instructors to help provide expanded views and additional expertise, she remains the primary instructor ensuring cohesive messaging in your learning experience. Susan has worked in many different clinical settings as well as in her own successful private practice over the years. As such, she incorporates her “stories from the trenches” that will surely enhance your success, no matter how you are practicing now or plan to in the future.
  • Unlike many trainings available that are primarily pre-recorded and hard to stay focused and engaged with, our training is primarily live, offering an engaging, interactive, and even fun experience! Questions are asked and answered right on the spot while the topic is delivered, when the learning is most applicable. Susan’s passion is evident throughout – her mission truly is to have you be the most effective and successful you can be and that you practice most responsibly. She often says – “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it”! And it’s often validated by those in her training that while they thought they knew a lot about any given topic, they were surprised to find out what they didn’t know! This can surely be career-transforming!
  • Other programs may include additional reading/study time. Our content is all from highly valuable and engaging instructional webinars. Just ask yourself – How large is your unread materials list? Also, ponder on how many pre-recorded on-demand courses you’ve purchased that you never finished (or even started)!
  • We keep our classes smaller on purpose. Since we offer live training, we wouldn’t want you to get lost in the crowd. Smaller class size ensure everyone’s questions are answered and you get the coaching assistance you really need!
  • We feel ours is the most comprehensive training in IFMNT there is today. Many programs provide a good overview of topics; even up to 6-8 hours, but to practice most effectively and responsibly, we feel nothing less than deep coverage is called for. Each of our clinical topics average 27 hours of no-stone-unturned vital to your practice interactive webinar time. Now, that’s different!

We have people come to us who have done $20K celebrity programs (many, they’ve never even finished), $50K masters programs, or $100K doctorate programs. And even after spending gobs of money and time, they’re still struggling with their business and feel like they don’t know enough. Yep, we’ve heard it….”Wow, THIS is what I thought I was going to learn in my integrative master’s program! ” or “This is what I wished I would have learned in my Dietetics training!”

Our program is a fraction of those prices and we have been told (repeatedly) provides much higher value.

We see folks who have been attending seminars, webinars, and summits for years and have no idea how much money and time they’ve put into chasing protocols and clinical pearls. All they have from it are bits and pieces that don’t add up to support cohesive patient care and thriving practice. Still others trying to save some bucks, have opted for the less expensive certification programs only to find out what they thought would be enough training really wasn’t at all. And that’s if they even stayed with it; a problem we see all the time, especially with on-demand learning that is a challenge to stay focused and engaged with.

We feel our program is very fairly priced, especially considering the amount of easy-to-engage-in live training, comprehensive topic coverage, and hand-holding support we provide, not to mention a load of bundle registration bonuses. With the tools, skills, and strategies we teach, you can apply them for a lifetime of practice success. And think about it – what’s the value of practice success well above what most can only imagine; one where transformation brings you freedom, authority status with the income potential and respect that comes with it, and the ability to have a life-changing impact with the clients you serve?

To discuss if this program is the right one for you and learn about our different investment options, we invite you to request a complimentary career-growth phone consultation with our program founder, Susan Allen. Write us HERE with your availability over the next 48 hours and we’ll be sure to make it happen!

We get it – sometimes life happens! But think about it – you have 4 years to complete this training and if you ever get behind, you can catch up with recording review after the fact or live modules that are repeated during the course of your program access. You can stop and start probably a few times during the process and still comfortably complete the training as long as you stay committed.

While we do have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for a period of 60 days after the training commences, there are no refunds after 60 days – please refer to our terms and conditions at registration checkout for complete details.

No. Anyone who has completed an individual topic module in the past year will not have to repeat that training. In fact, even better, you are able to request a credit for the full registration (less finance fees) that you paid to apply to the full bundle IFMNT certificate training. You can email us HERE to make this request.

In most cases, yes! This is our 10th anniversary of teaching Functional Nutrition to healthcare practitioners. We’ve grown quite a bit and trained thousands since we began. If you were in full training (COT or advanced IFMNT) any time before 2014, this is basically all new information and thus there would be no discount available, though anyone trained since 2014 will qualify for a discount. Discounts are offered based on the amount of training your previous program(s) covered and how much has been updated or expanded since then. Please inquire about your discount potential HERE

Absolutely not, the certification is optional. To qualify for this training we know you’ve already qualified to practice through your degree or professional credential. As such, you’re capable of simply adding the specialty to your practice. Some simply don’t feel the need for another letter grouping after their name. Others do prefer to be recognized for their specialty. In the end, it’s what serves you best! Credit comes with completion of self-study quizzes as content is delivered and this is regardless of the formal certification process.

Absolutely! Send us an email HERE to get the conversation started. Don’t wait – you wouldn’t want to miss early-bird pricing!